Complete Google Workspace users Hangouts to Chat Migration coming to March 2022

Even though Google is a tech giant, The problem of not getting Popular Social Platforms like Facebook or WhatsApp is they always confuse users with alternative platforms. Since Google is a software company, deprecating and introducing new technology always happens. That’s why people are not willing to use Google Social platforms like other alternatives. Even Google Duo is slowly getting Google Meet integrations. Google already told them they would migrate Google Workplace users’ Hangout platform to Google Chat. Now they confirmed the process would happen on March 22, 2022. It is a complete process that means; you can’t use Hangout after March 2022.
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Google Workspace users Hangouts to Chat Migration

Google is slowly retiring one of its many messaging efforts, with Chat (the service and not the RCS backend) serving as a replacement. The Hangouts transition timeline is rapidly closing in on us as we move into 2022. Google’s today update gives us some concrete dates when they push users to Chat.

Google Chat Interface’s functionality will not be affected, but all traditional Hangouts apps on iOS or Android will be disabled when the domains are upgraded from “Chat preferred.” Users can still export their Chat and classic Hangout data. The Admin console will also remove the “Chat and classic Hangouts” and “Classic Hangouts Only” settings. Users don’t have to worry about losing chat history in Hangout, as Google has already moved it over to Google chat.

Start Date for the Migration Process

Google Hangout to Chat Migration Official Page Phase

Your Workspace admin settings will determine the date of this transition. Chat and classic Hangouts users will notice these changes in three weeks, starting March 22. Classic Hangouts only users will be able to see them until April 4. After that, the transition may take up to five months. Only can be enabled once this setting has been changed to Chat preferred.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders
Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders

What About personal Google Hangout users?

Only Workspace users can use Google Hangout to Chat migration. Individual accounts will have to follow their timeline, but there aren’t any hard dates yet. Last August, non Workspace users began to see banners inviting them into Chat. It wouldn’t surprise us if these accounts followed closely behind the move.

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Wrap Up

Since Google Hangouts does not have many features improvements, It is wise to move Workspace users to Chat. But, Google should think the other stable possibilities like Google Meet. They can implement or integrate the Chat features into one platform and are popular like other Social Messenger platforms. Google already has Duo, Chat, Meet venues. All of them are moreover look similar from the outside. It will confuse the users. After the Google Hangouts migration to Chat, Google should keep the platforms alive and not confuse it with others. They have already shut down Social media like Google Plus. What are your thoughts about Google Hangout migration or other platforms shutdown? Share your thoughts below.

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