How to Install Magic Eraser in Google Pixel 3a/XL Android 12?

Google may be a software giant. But, When it comes to hardware products, You should need a unique strategy to win in the market. Since it is not replaceable or changed from the Remote site, You should be careful when selecting components. Google learned about the Smartphone Market trend after they released Google Pixel 3. They realized price and specs ratio is the essential factor. So, To grab the mid-range category, They launched new “a” series. It doesn’t mean Google compromises software support. All Pixel mobiles will always get the same software support. But they always release unique software features in new mobiles to attract users. This time they introduced “Magic Eraser” as an exclusive for Pixel 6. But, With some tweaks, We can use Magic Erase in Google Pixel 3a/XL using the below method.
Magic Eraser in Google Pixel 3a

The Google Magic Eraser editing app was exclusive to Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro devices, but now it’s no more. With Google making Android 12 more accessible to third parties, the Magic Eraser photo-editing tool is getting some adjustments too.

This photo-editing was introduced with the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, and it seems a better editor than most other ones in app stores. The popularity and craving to use Magic Eraser are due to the app’s features and powerful photo-editing tools. Before now, some Android users could tweak the Google Photos app to use the Magic Eraser editor on their non-Pixel Android phones.

But now, it’s official; you can use the app on your Pixel device running Android 12 without tweaking any app on your smartphone.

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What is Magic Eraser in Google Camera App?

Magic Eraser used to be a Pixel-exclusive photo-editing feature that detects distractions and distortions on your photos, then allows you to remove all of them. This feature works with a set of tools for removing all the distractions in an image, all at once or one after another.

It is a powerful editing tool that helps Pixel users to achieve perfect photography by removing unwanted objects in the Background. Other Google Pixel users have wished to have this feature on their device, and now, that’s possible.

Magic Eraser Now Available For All Pixel Users Running Android 12

If your Pixel device runs on the latest Android 12, you can install the Magic Eraser feature. Well, this requires sideloading an app on your device, but not to worry, the app is the latest Google Photos app extracted from a Pixel 6. Yeah, you guessed right; the Magic Eraser feature is exclusive to the Photos app on Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, so some guys can extract the app and make it available to as many people as possible – people using Pixel smartphones with Android 12 OS.

Requirements and How to Get the Feature?

So, the essential requirement is that your device must be running on Android 12 OS, and it needs to be a Pixel smartphone. Notwithstanding, some guys were able to get the app to work on their non-pixel smartphones. You could use a file-sharing app to share the Google Photos app on your Pixel 6 device to your other Pixel smartphones, and you’d get the feature.

How to Install Magic Eraser in Google Pixel 3a/XL Android 12? (Sargo, Bonito)Split APKs App Steps Screenshots


  • Now, open the SAI app, select “Install APKs” –> “System file picker.”
  • Grant permissions and install the APK file you downloaded.
  • After the installation, tap on “Update.”

Split APKs App Update

How to use Magic Eraser to Remove People/Objects from the Background?

Google Magic Eraser Steps

  • Open Installed Google Photos app.
  • Choose the image; You want to remove background things.
  • Select Edit. Google Photos App will Automatically suggest Magic Eraser. Or You can find the option in Edit Settings.
  • After Choosing Magic Eraser, You can choose Automatic suggestion by Google App or manually select the objects to remove. Most of the time, Google’s advice is based on focusing on the main person.
  • After Highlighting removable things, Select “Done.” You can either save the image as Original or keep the copy with Background Removed and The Original one you have taken.

Wrap Up

This is how you can get the Magic Eraser feature on your Pixel device that is neither Pixel 6 nor 6 Pro. Well, we’re not sure that this feature would work seamlessly on non-pixel devices, but some tweakers already said it does on devices running beta versions of Android 12. Google always amazes us with their new Photos technologies and Google Photos App options like Auto Locations. Since Android is an Open Source and most mobiles use a similar OS other than UI differences, We can use the app. There is no exclusive feature until it is hardware-dependent. Did you try the Magic Erase in your Google Pixel 3a/XL?. Did you notice any lag compared with the Pixel 6 series? Share your experience below.

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