What is the OnePlus 8 MEMC chip? Supporting Video Platforms Details

OnePlus 8 will be the best lineup series in OnePlus mobiles compare with previous mobiles. Because whenever they launch the successor mobile, they will add some minor tweaks other than the processor. But, Based on the trusted OnePlus 8  leaks, We can say that you will get the perfect flagship phone under $1000. Yes, the OnePlus team unofficially mentions about the price. The regular OnePlus 8 will come under a $1000 price range. Compare with other manufacturers. The price is worthy of what OnePlus is going to provide. Upcoming OnePlus 8 will have an independent MEMC chip (Motion Estimation, Motion Compensation). It can convert the low refresh rate videos into a high refresh rate. Thus, you can view the high refresh videos with the help of a hardware accelerator. It is limited to some platforms. But, It can cover most of the daily apps.
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What is the OnePlus 8 MEMC chip?

OnePlus 8 mobile will comes with a 2K display with a pixel density of 513ppi. Also, The screen has a 120Hz Refresh Rate with 1300 nits brightness. It already received the highest rating in Display mate. We spend most of the time on our mobile to watch videos or games. Developers in the games always give the option to choose between the different refresh rates. Or it can detect your mobile and change into supporting Refresh rates. But, When you watch low quality and low refresh rate videos on 2K Display, You can’t experience the best view from OnePlus 8.

OnePlus MEMC Chip Announcement

Also, they have no control over videos. So, To resolve this issues, they planned to use the MEMC chip in their upcoming OnePlus 8 mobiles. So, When you watch videos in the supporting video platform apps, It can enhance the video experience. It is a hardware process with a dedicated chip. Thus, The conversion will be precise, and you can notice the difference.

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Official Video Sample of MEMC from OnePlus

The unofficial MEMC video samples are everywhere. But, recently, OnePlus UK teased a video about the difference between MEMC on and Off videos. From the video, we can clearly understand how much the MEMC chip can make a difference.

OnePlus 8 MEMC Video Sample Tweet

Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders
Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders

You can also refer to the official tweet. Even if it does some filter and color correction, In the end, the video looks fantastic.

OnePlus 8 MEMC Video Supporting Platforms

The MEMC process utilizes the hardware. The result should be noticeable. So, OnePlus works with some video platforms to support this process. It already covers most of the popular video platforms. In the future, they will add more. The list is mentioned below.

OnePlus 8 MEMC Supporting Video Platforms

  • Gallery (OnePlus Default App)- The videos which are playing with the default player will utilize the MEMC.
  • YouTube App
  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime
  • VLC Player
  • MX Player
  • hotstar, and more.

Wrap Up

When you planned to upgrade your OnePlus mobiles, You can surely buy OnePlus 8. Because It has 5G technology with IP rating, Wireless Charging, LPDDR5 RAM, Snapdragon 865, and UFS 3.0. It all comes under $1000. Also, Rumors say, they will release some eye-catchy Interstellar Glow color variants. Unless you have OnePlus 7 or 6 series, you can consider an upgrade. Most of the manufacturers fail in their software UI. Oxygen OS is a better UI, and most of the users prefer to compare with Stock Android. OnePlus pushes a lot of features to make OnePlus 8 reasonable mobile. But What are your thoughts? Did you feel OnePlus 8 is worthy of the price range? Comment below.

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