OnePlus 8 Renders Leaks show IG Interstellar Glow Color variants

When the mobile release date is coming in a few months, the specs, design, and color leaks always happen. It is not limited to Pixel phones. After the OnePlus 7T launch in a few days, OnePlus 8 specs leaks occur. It slowly raises, and now we have a renders of OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro. These renders are not like other old designs that look modified from old mobile concept designs. But, These Renders look promising and looks like reliable designs from the factory. Unlike the simple dull colors, the OnePlus 8 renders show fresh Interstellar Glow (IG) and Glacial Green colors along with already existing Black Onyx. I will include those renders and sone already confirmed specs details.
OnePlus 8 IG Interstellar Glow Color

OnePlus have a habit of adding user love features, thus based on the recent successful model of the hole-punch display, there is no doubt new OnePlus mobiles will have it.

OnePlus 8 new IG Interstellar Glow and Glacial Green Color variants

The exciting color variant concept is not unique to OnePlus. They already planned some prototypes from the OnePlus 6 series. The leaks show that the two or three vibrant color combination looks in Old OnePlus 6 and 7 Prototypes. The below are the color variants OnePlus tries in their concepts.

OnePlus 6 Concept Color Variants

Now they planned for the new IG Interstellar Glow and Glacial Green color variants. Compare with Old concepts; they didn’t make renders for multiple colors. So, this eye-catchy color variants may come as suitable options. The trusted mobile concept leak person Ishan Agarwal is the one who identified these renders from blog.

OnePlus 8 Pro IG Glow and Glacial Green Color Variants

Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders
Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders

I also attached the full resolution OnePlus 8 render images for your reference. So, you can notice every color variation. The following renders are available in the .zip file.

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OnePlus 8 Complete Renders

The renders don’t give us the confirmed specs details other than the concept designs. But, We can guess and match the already leaked specs with the design. OnePlus will not make drastic changes compare with their previous mobiles. They are so based on the already leaked specs and new confirmed details we listed the specs below.

OnePlus 8 leaked Specs until now

The leaked specs are not yet confirmed. But you can expect 80-90% of the same specs.

Oneplus 8 Specs

  • The regular OnePlus 8 may come with a 6.55 inch FHD+ OLED display. The already existing old series have high refresh rate displays. Thus it will also come with a 90Hz display.
  • 6-8 GB LPDDR4X RAM. When you are a regular user, 6 GB RAM is enough.
  • 4300 mAh battery capacity and no wireless charging.
  • No IP rating. It can be splash-proof.
  • Triple camera setup.

Oneplus 8 Pro Specs

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 5G processor
  • The Pro version of OnePlus 8 may come with a 6.78 inch QHD+ OLED display. The already existing old series have high refresh rate displays. Thus it will also come with a 120Hz display.
  • 8-16 GB LPDDR5 RAM. When you are a regular user, 8 GB RAM is enough.
  • 4510 mAh battery capacity and no wireless charging.
  • IP 68 rating.
  • Quad-camera setup (48MP IMX689 as the Main Sensor (F/1.78), 48MP IMX586 Ultra-Wide (F/2.2) & 120° FOV. 8MP (F/2.44) Telephoto w/ 3X Optical & 30X Digital Zoom + 5MP Color Filter).

Wrap Up

The bitter truth is companies spend months of their time designing their mobile and deciding the perfect colors. But most of the users will put the black rubber case on their mobiles. We can’t blame all. Most of them always slip our mobiles. We need protection. Anyway, mobile companies do their part. If OnePlus bring the IG Interstellar Glow and Glacial Green, It will be refresh in their mobile colors. Because plain black, Red, and Almond colors are not crisp like these colors. I hope Oneplus will not disappoint the users with washed colors. Unlike other companies, OnePlus always listen to their users. We know recently they promised to launch Always-on Display to their OnePlus mobiles. What are your thoughts, the color options look cool or not? Comment below.

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