Always-on Display Coming to OnePlus Mobiles

Finally, Always-on Display coming to OnePlus mobiles. The officials confirmed the user’s request, and they said it is on the roadmap in the upcoming Oxygen OS versions. Some of the users prefer Always-on Display. When you work, or you don’t want to miss the notifications, AOD always comes handy. Instead of checking your mobile every time. When we enabled AOD, you can notice the mobile and replay to the notifications if necessary. Most of the mobile manufacturers like Google, Samsung always out this feature in their OLED display mobiles. When you didn’t have OLED on your mobile, It will consume more power from the battery.
OnePlus Always on Display

When and What OnePlus mobiles will get Always-on display?

There is no confirmation about the list of mobiles will get the AOD feature. But, The official OnePLus Twitter account confirmed the feature is coming in future Oxygen OS versions. Thus most of the OnePlus mobiles that are getting frequent security patch updates may get the feature. In my guess, the following devices may get the update. OnePlus 7 Series (OnePlus 7, OnePlus 7 Pro), OnePlus 7T Series (OnePlus 7T, OnePlus 7T Pro), OnePlus 6 and 6T. These mobiles are my assumptions. There may be some changes in OnePlus decision.

OnePlus AOD Confirmation Tweet

The OnePlus team mentions it is on their roadmap. Thus we can expect the feature first in the OnePlus 7 series When the team rolls out the security patch updates. By following 7 series, they may roll out the update on other devices.

Upcoming OnePlus Always-on Display can consume 1-2 Hours of daily battery time

OnePlus team is not like other mobile manufacturers. If you can remember when they first launch their mobiles, they always get the opinion of users from the specs. They still hear user feedback, and they always think about from the user perspective. That’s why OnePlus is considered a successful company. Now they slightly slip away from the Budget flagship. But, When you think of the software support and the premium quality of the mobile, the rate is meaningful. So, Why they ignored Always-on display? For providing extra battery juice to your mobile. Yes.

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OnePlus Official Replay for Always-on Display

Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo
Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo

When you have experience of using AOD in other mobiles, you may already know about it can consume extra battery compare with the idle mode. That’s why they ignored it. But, Currently, a lot of users asking for this feature. Thus, they tested again with the OnePlus 7 Pro. They noticed there is extra 350-500 mAh battery consumption happen when you enable the Always-on Display. The conversation to the timing is roughly 1-2 hours from daily usage. It means a lot, right? But, Some users need that. So, OnePlus will make some extra measures to save the battery life before the official roll-out.

You can always share your ideas with the OnePlus team on their official ideas page. When a lot of users appreciate it, and it can happen in realtime means, the official OnePlus team will inherit the idea to the upcoming mobiles. There is no guarantee for your idea implementations. But the option is there. We already know Samsung call back the Fold tablets and made a lot of changes based on user feedback to avoid the complete failure in the design.

Always-on display using Magisk Module on OnePlus devices

When you have rooted OnePlus mobile, you don’t need to wait for the official update. There is a Magisk module already available to do the process. All you have to do is, install the module using your Magisk app, and you are good to go. The following method can work From OnePlus 7 series to OnePlus 5 set.

  • Download AOD Enabler and access this Magisk Module using Magisk Manager.

Magisk Module Installation

  • Open Magisk Manager Sidebar and go to Modules, Press Add (Plus Symbol), Select the downloaded AOD enabler file. Reboot your phone.

AOD Enabler Magisk Module OnePlus

  • After reboot opens the module and chooses the preference between Lift up display and Always-on, when you decide to Lift, The mobile will show the AOD details when you lift your phone. You don’t need to press the keys. Lift the mobile from the surface is enough.
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Wrap Up

Saving users for achieving essential things is good. But, you should not limit your users from all features. At the end of the day of using our Android mobile, We always realize how much battery is essential to compare with other elements. But, When you spend some good money on your mobile and can’t have the features that are available in other mobiles as a base feature may put you into a downside.

Since Always-on display is related to software and you already have OLED displays available in your OnePlus mobile from OnePlus 3, It is easy for the team to fulfill your wish. The Magisk module may come with limited options. But, Until the official roll-out, It can help you. You may already know they planned to release their Payment method- OnePlus Pay. What are your thoughts on accepting the user’s wish from OnePlus? Comment below.

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