OnePlus 9 Pro may support 50W Wireless Charging

While every mobile manufacturer focuses on fast wired charging, They always release Wireless charging as an alternate solution. But OnePlus releases Wireless charging in delay, but compared with previous generations, They are fast and safe. Other companies Wireless chargers are rarely supported up to 15W. Until the OnePlus 8, They support only wired charging. But After the One Plus 8 release, they announced Wireless Charging with 30W capacity. It can charge your mobile 50% in 30 minutes and 100% in 80 minutes. Now some trusted official leaks suggest the OnePlus 9 Pro may support 50W Wireless Charging. So, Along with the OnePlus 9 Pro, We can expect a separate 50W Wireless charger.
OnePlus Wireless Charger with Plug

OnePlus 9 Pro 50W Wireless Charging details leak

As already announced by OnePlus, the Smartphone company is all set to launch its OnePlus 9 Series phones on March 23rd. They also plan to launch three smartphones in total, namely the OnePlus 9, 9 Pro, and OnePlus 9R/9E. Various reports and leaks came out from various quarters about the phone’s specs in advance of the launch. Some reports have released information about the Battery capacity of the phone. According to some reliable sources and Tipster Ishan Agarwal, the OnePlus 9 Pro will Supports 50W Wireless charging.

OnePlus 9 Pro 50W wireless charger leak tweet

Maybe if the OnePlus 9 Pro supports 50W wireless charging, users will definitely like it, and hopefully, it will be a better-upgraded smartphone.

OnePlus 9 Pro Leaked Specifications

One of the most important things we can understand clearly in the recent advertisements for OnePlus is its Camera. OnePlus 9 Series come up with Quad Camera. OnePlus 9 series phones are co-developed with Hasselblad.

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Pete Lau About Hasselbald Camera in OnePlus 9 Pro

Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders
Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders

Pete Lau Posted a photo of the OnePlus 9 Pro smartphone on his Twitter account and posted a few photos taken by the OnePlus 9 Pro.

“Remember that portrait photo I shared from Hasselblad Ambassador Yin Chao? Some of you must have thought it had to have been edited. It wasn’t. That was just exactly what the #Oneplus9Series camera captured, thanks to our Natural color calibration with Hasselblad.”

This tweet from Pete Lau creates phone anticipations over users.

OnePlus 9 Pro Specs Official Confirmation

Some reliable sources leak the Specs of the phone. OnePlus 9 Pro has a 48+50+8+2 MP Quad camera. The rear camera has a 48MP Sony IMX789 sensor and a 50MP IMX766 ultra-wide sensor; the other two camera lenses are an 8MP telephoto lens with 3.3x optical zoom and a 2MP depth sensor.

OnePlus 9 Pro comes up with Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chipset with 12GB of RAM. OnePlus 9 Pro has a curved display and a larger overall size with a 6.7” display, and both phones are tipped to use a 120Hz display with LTPO technology. The Battery capacity of the 9 Pro is staying put at 4500mAh.

Previous leaks about Wireless Charging

OnePlus already confirms that OnePlus 9 Series phones come up with 65W wired fast charging. But Initially, rumors and leaks reveal OnePlus 9 series will also come with 30W wireless charging like OnePlus 8 Pro. But users of OnePlus will not accept this. Because the OnePlus 8 Pro already supports 30W wireless charging. So definitely, users will expect the upgrade from OnePlus.

Recent Specs leaks confirm that the OnePlus 9 Pro may support 50W Wireless fast charging. Definitely, it is a significant upgrade from OnePlus to attract users. The speed of this wireless charger can run at the same speed as the wired charger. But, You have to purchase it as a separate device. Some users may not like this for a few reasons, like long-term battery life. But this is not a big drawback because the OnePlus wired charger comes with the box.

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Pete Lau also confirms that the OnePlus 9 series have an In-box charger.

Wrap Up

After the OnePlus 8 Pro release with 30W wireless charging, the OnePlus begin to patch its downside. Most of the techie users are not happy when they provide only wired chargers with the mobile. After Wireless charging, The remaining downside of the OnePlus is the camera. Now they may fix those issues with the Hasselblad setup. They may or may not give better competition with industry-leading Google and Samsung mobile cameras. But they can give better OnePlus photos. When they release 50W Wireless charging, it can charge your mobile up to 50% within 15-20 minutes. What are your thoughts about the upcoming OnePlus 9 Pro? Can it be a real premium competitor with Samsung and Google Pixel? Share your thoughts.

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