What is this Hasselblad Camera System in Upcoming OnePlus 9 Pro?

Even if we say OnePlus is an affordable Premium Flagship mobile, We have to compromise some things every year in OnePlus. They bring Wireless technology after users required a lot, and they realized that Flagship mobiles with wireless charging are a benefit and must need one when considering the price. After Wireless Charging, Most of the users need an upgrade in their Cameras. They are good. But they are not Flagship level compare with Google and Samsung. Now to stop this drawback, OnePlus is going to use Hasselblad company cameras. To be specific, they mention the brand in the rear camera as Nokia did with ZEISS.
Hassleblad Camera System in OnePlus 9 Pro

We are in an era where smartphones are designed with out-of-the-world cameras. First, it was a game of megapixels- we saw smartphones with up to 108MP camera sensor(s); however, it now points down to details and camera features. Although OnePlus always advertise its flagship devices to feature brilliant camera(s), its customers have complained severally that most OnePlus smartphones have lackluster cameras compared with other smartphones in the same price range (from other brands).

Well, it seems OnePlus has finally decided to heed the complaints it has got over its flagship smartphones’ cameras. The upcoming OnePlus 9 Pro (a higher variant of the flagship OnePlus 9) is alleged to come with an all-new camera – Hasselblad Camera. The prototype was made known by Dave2D on his official YouTube channel; it really looked good, but how are we sure that the Hasselblad camera will be better than what we’ve seen on other OnePlus flagships?

What is this Hasselblad Camera System in Upcoming OnePlus 9 Pro?

We’ve seen various top smartphone OEMs partner with other company’s to develop their device cameras. For example, Huawei works with Leica for its device camera sensors, while brands like Nokia and Sony partnered with ZEISS. Thus, seeing OnePlus partnering with Hasselblad looks promising – we should be expecting a super-better camera than what we’ve seen on other OnePlus smartphones to date.

OnePlus 9 Pro Hasslebad Camera Closeup

However, Hasselblad’s rich history is not enough reason to believe that the upcoming OnePlus  9 Pro’s camera would be a massive jump in quality compared with its predecessors. The prototype shows up to four camera sensors – two big sensors arranged vertically and two other sensors place horizontally. The prototype also showed a LED flash sensor sitting adjacent to the two big camera sensors and what seems to be a laser autofocus sensor stayed below the LED flash.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders
Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders

Upcoming OnePlus 9 Pro Camera Details

Generally, the camera setup looked impressive; however, there are no official specifications; it is uncertain the image’s quality to expect from the upcoming OnePlus 9 Pro. Remember, Motorolla had partnered with Hasselblad on its Hasselblad-branded phone mod  – the camera quality looked great in still shots. We can’t compare it with other Camera samples because the software optimization may make some magic.

Other Leaked OnePlus 9 Pro Specifications

The video from Dave2D showed the upcoming OnePlus 9 Pro has a curved-edge display, Quad-HD+ resolution, and 120Hz screen refresh rate. It also showed the device would pack a whopping 11GB of RAM coupled with a massive 256GB ROM. However, the video didn’t tell us what to expect as the device’s battery capacity and chipset.

Wrap Up

OnePlus always listen to users’ feedback. That’s why they become popular in a short period. OnePlus is yet to release an official announcement of this upcoming variant of the base OnePlus 9 flagship smartphone. The camera setup with Hasselblad branding looks to be a promising move to deliver a better camera device. Meanwhile, it’s going to be a 5G device, and the aesthetics look pretty good. Do you think the upcoming OnePlus 9 Pro would deliver a better camera due to Hasselblad’s partnership? Let’s hear your opinions in the comment section.

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