Other Android OEMs like Samsung can adapt Android 12 Material You Dynamic Theme

Google introduced Material You in 2014. But they have taken it seriously only in the last few months. If techie’s guess is correct, They are slowly moving their environment into Fuchsia OS. It will not happen in two or three years. But in the long term, Google may use Fuchia OS as their primary device default OS. So, To adapt to the environment, Google using the Material You UI like a theme to users. When you roll out a completely different UI to users, they may get confused, leading to the fall. So, companies have to train the user to adapt to the new environment slowly. Initially Material You are only available for Google Pixel devices. But with Android 12.1 new API Google allows Other Android OEMs like Samsung can adapt the Android 12 Material You Dynamic Theme.
Android 12 Material You Design

Android 12 Material You Dynamic Theme

Have you heard yet? Google would soon be releasing its Android 12’s wallpaper theming system to Android OEMs – the theme would go open source.

Okay, now you’ve heard, what does it entail? Soon – in few weeks – Google would be releasing Android 12; if Google sticks to its normal launch roadmap, the new OS would arrive with the new Google Pixel series, and there is so much to expect already.

Basically, Google packs its Pixel flagships with all the new features of its Android OS and then releases a somewhat “features-limited” version to Android OEMs. This is to say that, when the Android 12 launches in a few weeks from now, not all the features will be rapidly available to Android OEM, and this includes Google’s wallpaper-based theming engine, named “monet.”

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Monet is stylishly excluded from the open-source version of Android OS available to OEMs. However, substantial proof has shown that Google would be making its Monet-theming engine fully open-sourced with the Android 12.1 release.

What’s Special About Android 12’s Theme?

Material You Design Android 12 Notification Bar

Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders
Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders

Google made significant UI changes with Android 12, rebranding its “Material Design” concept to “Material You.” The new Material You concept is based on a “monet” theming system; the unique thing here is that it’d automatically adapt to the color of the user’s wallpaper.

Material You’s color-scheming-theming engine’s API would be available with Android 12.1. So, this time, the feature won’t be exclusive to Pixel users alone. Every Android user can enjoy the part when their device OEM implements it to their firmware with the Android 12.1 update.

A color extraction engine employing a clustering algorithm with Material color targets determines the dominant and less dominant colors of the user’s wallpaper. A palette generation algorithm then creates a rich palette of 5 colors — 2 neutral and 3 accent colors — as well as 12 shades of Material color that are used to determine the hues closest to the user’s wallpaper.”

Public Source Code will allow Other Android OEMs like Samsung can adapt Android 12 Material You Dynamic Theme

It is not yet certain when Google intends to release Android 12.1 to the public, but solid proofs – shown on XDA Developers – clear show that “Monet” would be available to other Android OEMs whenever Google chooses to release Android 12. At the moment, we’re looking up to the Android 12 launch with the new Pixel series in a few weeks from now.

So far, Samsung’s Android 12 beta update didn’t include the monet theming system; the same applies to Oppo’s ColorOS 12 update. We can’t also imagine that all OEMs would adopt this theming system when it finally goes open-source.

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Wrap Up

If you already know about the Fuchsia OS UI, You may notice a few similarities between Material You and the Fuchsia OS. As an Android user, what are the best features you’ve enjoyed with the OS?. What are the thoughts you feel about the Monet-theming engine? Well, for now, we know that Google is finally going to release an essential code to other OEMs, but we’re not sure when it’d happen. The inclusion of Monet lines of code in “Android 12.1” is not guaranteed – Google may make it a silent release!. Did you try out the Material You Design in the Android 12 Beta release? Share your experience below.

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