Pixel 4a image appeared officially in Google Store

As per the Google schedule, Google Pixel 4a should be released in May 2020. But due to a lot of factors, they can’t release the mobile on time. When mobile gets delayed, the specs, design, and price, everything can leak. Thus when they released the mobile, there will be no surprise. There are plenty of unofficial leaks released for Pixel 4a, including hands-on video. But recently, the Pixel 4a image appeared officially in Google Store Canada along with the Nest home solution banner. The design is the same as leaked renders. Google removed the image after a few hours, But we have the original render of Pixel 4a how it looks. They planned to release 4a mobile along with the Pixel 5 release.
Pixel 3a on the Wooden table

Pixel 4a image appeared officially in Google Store Canada

The official image appears confirmed the design so that the specs leaks may be accurate too. The model showed along with the Nest Wi-Fi banner. Somebody accidentally uploaded the Pixel 4a image instead of the Nest Wi-Fi new picture. As per the show-up Pixel, 4a will have a hole-punch display with a square shape single rear camera with flash. It will also have a rear fingerprint sensor. There is a small cutout at the top for the headphone jack. With that image, we can only confirm these details.

Pixel 4a image appeared Officially in Google Store

The power key comes with different colors like previous Pixel phones. Due to the hold-punch display camera, there will be a better display ratio within the small body of the mobile. So, we can expect more than 85% of screen to body ratio. Even if there is no massive specs improvement compare with Pixel 3a mobiles, Pixel 4a will come with UFS 2.1 storage compare with eMMC 5.1 storage, which can give better speed compare with old storage type.

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Google Pixel 4a is ready in the Backend

Recently Google discontinues the sales of Pixel 3a from Online stores. They always stop the sales of old versions when they are going to release the new one. So, As per the guess Pixel, 4a is going to release soon. Pixel 4a supposed to go for sales on July 14. Because it already appeared in French online store, and they mentioned they could ship the order in 8-10 days. It was Before June 2020. We can’t predict what is going behind the scenes. But we can guess everything is ready and we can expect the launch soon.

Google Pixel 4a French Store cart

Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo
Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo

Confirmed specs of Google Pixel 4a

Still, there is no official confirmation from Google. But based on trusted sources, we can confirm some of the specs of Google Pixel 4a. 5.81-inch FHD+ punch-hole OLED screen, Snapdragon 730 processor, 12.2MP rear camera/8MP Front camera, and 3080mAh battery. Yes, there is a 3.5mm headphone jack. Google Pixel 4a comes with UFS 2.1 Storage Instead of eMMC 5.1.

Wrap Up

Compare with any other mobile series in Pixel, 3a made good sales and gained a reputation among users. With the help of Pixel 3a, Google surpassed the OnePlus in shipment counts in 2019. So, This mobile is essential for Google to make better sales. The launch period is necessary for the success of the mobile. When they launch 2-3 months from Christmas, they can make better sales. Because compare with Samsung and OnePlus, Google mobiles always reach in delay if you are not in the US. Also, they maybe change the release date due to the OnePlus Nord launch. Anything can be a reason. Only Google knows. What are your thoughts about Pixel 4a release getting delay? Did you feel it can affect sales? Comment below.

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