Google Pixel 4a Orders are available in the French Online Store

Due to the current situation, most of the mobile releases and events are either postponed or canceled. In this list, Google Pixel 4a should be released in May 2020 as per the Pixel 3a release date. But, It is delayed to July 2020, and the release will be in October 2020. It can be released with Pixel 5 or In this year no flagship phones due to Production, labor shortage, and other issues. Everybody knows all specs, Design, and cost of the Pixel 4a. But the leaks are keep coming. Now Google Pixel 4a Orders are available in the French Online Store. They mentioned they would ship the product within 8-12 days. Google Planned to announce the mobile officially in July 2020. Also, the price is high.  Usually, most of the mobile costs are high in European regions.
Google Pixel 4a CAD Renders

Google Pixel 4a Orders are available with Expected Delivery timeline in the French Online Store

Google Pixel 4a 128GB Just Black color order page available in under the code name: GA02099-FR. As per the order page details, The product is not yet available. But the delivery time mentioned as 8-12 days with add to cart and check out options. So, When you order the product, it will be shipped once they got. Google still not announced the product officially. After the official announcement, the release and shipping may take some days. Experts predict this year the release may take up to two months. So, the official announcement will happen in July 2020, and the release/shipping can occur in October 2020.

Google Pixel 4a Orders are available in the French Online Store

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The price of the Google Pixel 4a 128GB variant costs around EUR 368.04 (HT-Before Tax) and EUR 441 (TTC- After Tax). The amount roughly converts to $415(Before Tax) and $497(After Tax). As per the leaks, the price of 128GB variants comes nearly $399. Europe’s region mobiles always cost high compare with other regions. The availability and delivery time of the Online store doesn’t make sense. We have to wait for the official announcement. Google may have different plans like shipping to some countries in the initial decision, and the Wide availability may come in October 2020. Also, they mentioned the fee for international shipping. The price is high compare with other shipping package and Online stores.

Google Pixel 4a French Store cart

You can pay to the Pixel 4a and provide the shipping address, and they are accepting orders. So, this is not an ordinary listing kind. So, We can expect the announcement from Google.

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What are the confirmed specs of Google Pixel 4a?

Still, there is no official confirmation from Google. But based on trusted sources, we can confirm some of the specs of Google Pixel 4a. 5.81-inch FHD+ punch-hole OLED screen, Snapdragon 730 processor, 12.2MP rear camera/8MP Front camera, and 3080mAh battery. Yes, there is a 3.5mm headphone jack. Google Pixel 4a comes with UFS 2.1 Storage Instead of eMMC 5.1.

Wrap Up

Compare with Flagship mobiles, Most of the people prefer mid-range mobiles. Last year Google shipped more mobiles compare with Oneplus because of the Pixel 3a release.” a” variants become important mobile in the Google Pixel series. So, Google doesn’t want to mess up the sales due to environmental factors. So, They are pushing the release towards the end of the year. Before Christmas and Newyear, Pixel 4a will be available in all countries. So, They can make better sales. Also, Qualcomm released a 5G mid-range processor- Snapdragon 690. So, Next year Pixel 5a may come with 5G technology at affordable prices.

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If Google pushes the flagship sales at the beginning of 2021 and follows the same pattern with accessed specs based on the trend, They will surely make better deals compare with other Mobile manufacturers. What are your thoughts on the listing of Google Pixel 4a in the Online store? Did you think you can grab Pixel 4a before October 2020? Comment below.

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