OnePlus is going to use Unique Color OS in its mobiles

Whenever mobile companies begin to listen what user wants, They always get success in a short period. OnePlus success purely depends on the users; They start their journey with Cyanogen mod ROMs. Later they begin to use Oxygen OS, which is near Stock Android and provides enough additional features. But after OnePlus slowly moved its price high and released mid-range mobiles, The rhythm between the user and the OnePlus slowly began not to pulse. OnePlus already told them they are going to replace Oxygen OS with Oppo Color OS. The news affects more users. Because OnePlus is unique because of its Oxygen OS. Now they announced OnePlus version of Color OS would be amazing, and they will add more features and make it lightweight like the Oxygen OS.
Color OS in OnePlus Mobiles

We know OnePlus to use OxygenOS for its mobile phones, but this time around, they’re switching to Color OS. This update was confirmed by the company’s CEO, Pete Lau. We’d be seeing Color OS in the upcoming updates. Below is all the information we know regarding how OnePlus would adopt Color OS for its new mobile devices.

OnePlus is Adopting Oppo’s Color OS for its New Models

OnePlus CEO, in his statement, confirmed that the company wouldn’t release its traditional T-series device in Q3 and Q4 of this year, while affirming the company’s following flagship phones would run the OS from its Subsidiary, Oppo. This implies that the company would be merging the codebase of its OxygenOS with that of Oppo’s ColorOS in July.

Lau said, “This year, we will not be launching a T-series product.” What could the company be cooking up? Would we see new features?

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Well, the best we know, there won’t be a OnePlus 9T coming out this year to follow up the flagship OnePlus 9. The “T-series” of OnePlus phones pack more impressive features and significant upgrades from their regular models. For example, the OnePlus 8T model was faster than the OnePlus 8, and the 7T model edged the OnePlus 7 display with a higher 90Hz refresh rate.

OnePlus CEO promises They will use Unique Color OS

Currently, OnePlus and Oppo are in the process of merging their Android-based custom OSes. The unified operating system to be achieved due to this merger would be overseeded by OxygenOS Gary C. (head of Oxygen OS). According to the released notes, OnePlus aims to “combine the strengths from both into one even more powerful OS: the fast and smooth, burdenless experience of OxygenOS, and the stability and rich features of ColorOS” with this merger.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders
Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders

But, most importantly, CEO Pete Lau clarifies that both OxygenOS and Color OS would retain their distinguished looks. In his words, “We will customize the unified OS specifically for OnePlus devices to make sure it meets your expectations, for example, by keeping it as clean and lightweight as before and continuing to support unlock bootloaders.”


OnePlus Unique Color OS Idea

The roadmap is out, and it contains detailed information (including picture charts) of the company that looks to integrate this new unified OS in its 2022 flagship series. More so, Pete Lau stated that OnePlus has entered into another phase – the OnePlus 2.0 phase – and believes they’re out to produce the best products; “I believe we are now a more mature and reliable technology brand that continues to bring top-quality products to users around the world with the same Never Settle spirit as before.”

The next OnePlus flagship series will launch with the new integrated OS in 2022. Current OnePlus devices will be updated with the new integrated OS also in 2022.

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Wrap Up

Some sources hint that OnePlus is planning to ditch its T-Series in the future. If that turns true, there’d be no OnePlus 9T, and we won’t be seeing any T-series smartphone from the company. Instead, the company looks to diversify its lineup as they are expanding to more markets. Delivering what users want is the reason behind every successful company. If you divert your track into already settled users, They may hate the change when it is degraded. Even if OnePlus claims they will use Unique Color OS, It is still a Color OS. The feel will be the same among users. They will get more new users with new mobile lineups. But it will slightly affect existing Oxygen OS users. What is your thought about the new Color OS adaptation in OnePlus mobiles? Share your thoughts below.

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