Realme 8 Pro will come with a 108MP Samsung ISOCELL HM2 Camera Sensor

Realme is doing great in balancing price, design, and Specs. In terms of Price and Design, it makes sense for the value. But in Specs other than Processor, everything is slightly compromised, including the camera. The problem is sticking with Realme; when you notice OnePlus, A Leading reasonable price Flagship mobile phone manufacturer, the issue also goes the same. Most of the smartphone companies compromise here and there to compensate the price below the bar. So, None of the mobile cameras is equal to Samsung and Google Pixel. But now Realme is planning to use Samsung 108MP ISOCELL HM2 Camera Sensor in their upcoming Realme 8 Pro.

Realme 8 Pro 108MP camera official announcement

Smartphone manufacturers always try to stun us each year with new technologies. Realme smartphones are remarkable for their high specifications and super-clear cameras. The brand has again revealed a shocker – it is about to use a 108 megapixels sensor for its upcoming flagship device, Realme 8 Pro. This upcoming model will be the successor of last year’s Realme 7 Pro.

Realme Future Focus on Cameras

Realme claims that its Realme 8 series will surely beat the quality of some optical telephoto lenses. All existing camera features on Realme devices are still available in this new series. Actually, at the moment, no one is sure of how the camera arrangement would be at the rear side of the devices. But, generally, from the claims made by Realme in the 30-minute live stream video on YouTube, we expect to see a Realme device with an impressive camera.

However, camera megapixels only are not deciding better picture quality. Google Pixel smartphones come with what you’d call low megapixels cameras (12.2MP cameras), yet they capture high-resolution images. Regardless, 108 megapixels should produce at least a decent-quality image. We hope for the best as regards this new device coming from Realme.

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Samsung 108MP ISOCELL HM2 Camera Sensor in Realme 8 Pro

Realme 8 Pro 108MP camera sample

Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders
Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders

In a live stream event hosted by Realme, the company showed us what to expect from its upcoming flagship device, which is expected to launch later this year. The Realme 8 series – as revealed in the event – will feature a bunch of impressive camera technologies to deliver stunning-clear images.

Actually, the Realme 8 Pro model will come with Samsung’s 108MP HM2 sensor, which supports 9-in-1 pixel binning across 12,000 x 9,000 pixels. Also, it’d include a large sensor size of 1/1.52-inch. The device will also integrate ISOCELL Plus and Smart-ISO techs for effective lighting detection to enhance picture quality. Before now, none of Realme’s smartphones has a camera that performs proficiently in low-light; however, with the hi-techs being added to the 8 Pro variant, we hope to see a Realme device that would capture intriguing shots in low light.

More so, the most mentioned feature in the event is the tilt-shift time-lapse feature on a smartphone. Realme claims that this is going to be the World’s first smartphone with tilt-shift time-lapse tech. This goes with the claim that the Realme 8 series will produce eye-catching time-lapse videos with adjustable shape, position, angle, and bokeh metrics.

Other Camera Features

Realme 8 Pro Camera Specs

Presumably, since Realme targets young adults and teens, the Realme 8 series phones will come with a ton of portrait filters such as Dynamic Bokeh Portrait, Neon Portrait, and AI Colour Portrait. Software-wise, the Realme 8 series will come with 3x in-sensor zoom, capable of capturing up to eight separate photos to output a single 12MP image with stunning clarity.

Wrap Up

You may know some mobile companies realize why the camera is important, and it is not like a compromise specification in the sheet. That’s why OnePlus is planning to use Hasselblad Camera Setup in OnePlus 9 Pro. Also, As I mentioned earlier, better picture quality depends on many factors, including AI optimization. Everything summarizes that Realme promises to launch a typical smartphone that would feature the brand’s best camera. As we await the launch of the Realme 8 series, what do you think about the device? Did you feel Realme 8 Pro can give better results in reality? Share your thoughts.

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