Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Has 108MP Camera- What You Should Know?

Xiaomi launched the world’s first 108MP Camera Phone. We all know Xiaomi to be one of the best smartphone manufacturers in the world. The company always likes to be the first to launch certain cutting-edge features seen on smartphones. All Xiaomi smartphones are built with Qualcomm chipsets, and they pack reliable batteries and impressive cameras. Just recently, the company has come up with another monster smartphone that is hinted to pack a whopping 108MP camera. Gosh! We haven’t seen such a smartphone before! Like, a smartphone coming with such a camera? It’s something that you’d love to know more about. With smartphones packing jaw-dropping cameras, the 108MP sensor on the new Xiaomi Mi Note 10 was astonishing to us. But here are the things you should know about Xiaomi’s Mi Note 10 and the 108MP camera.Xiaomi Mi Note 10 on the Brown Wooden Bench

Xiaomi 108MP Camera Smartphone – Mi Note 10

Asides the camera, this smartphone comes with good specs and features. First off, it will interest you to know that the new Xiaomi Mi Note 10 series are stocked with 5260mAH batteries with 30W fast charging technology via USB Type-C. It comes with the trendy fingerprint technology (in-display fingerprint sensor); so, the back design is plain, left for the cameras summoned at the top left.

Also, the device supports nano-SIM cards, and there’s a 3.5mm opening for your headphone. More so, typical of Xiaomi smartphones, this model also comes with an infrared blaster. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G is what’s hidden inside the hood. Plus, a 6GB RAM + 128GB ROM accompanies this chip. Xiaomi Mi Note 10 will multitask swiftly, as well as run any mobile app/game.

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Furthermore, the device comes with a Penta-camera setup and features a waterdrop-shaped notch OLED display. There is a Pro variant of the Mi Note 10 – The Mi Note 10 Pro, which comes with 8GB RAM, and 256GB ROM. The Specs-wise, It is not a Flagship phone. It is mainly focused on Camera Setup.

The whole cameras on Xiaomi Mi Note 10

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Cameras Explanation

You will find a total of five camera sensors on this smartphone; they are;

Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders
Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders
  • 5MP telephoto camera with 10x hybrid zoom, and 50x digital zoom, ƒ/2.0, OIS

  • 12MP portrait camera with 2x optical zoom, 1.4μm, ƒ/2.0, Dual pixel autofocus

  • 108MP ultra-high-resolution camera with 4-axis OIS, 7P lens, ƒ/1.69,

  • 20MP ultra wide-angle camera with FOV 117°, ƒ/2.2

  • 2MP macro camera for macro zoom shooting

With all these cameras available on the Mi Note 10 and 10 Pro, you can call both devices, Camera Smartphones. I will explain those terms below.

  • Hybrid Zoom– Technology used to get a detailed image, even if we zoom the things.

  • Digital Zoom– Regular Zoom, The image may not be detailed due to the High Zoom.

  • Wide-Angle Camera– Used to cover the full-wide coverage before your camera, You don’t have to go back to some yards to take full coverage.

  • Macro camera – In simple terms, It is a Closeup Photography.


Image Comparision iPhone 11 vs. Xiaomi Mi Note 10

The significant advantage of using a High-MP camera is, It will not break the details of the Things. When you notice the above Image, You can know that iPhone 11 Camera struggling when we zoom, But, the Image was taken by Xiaomi Mi Note 10 with the 108MP camera, clearly gives details about the warning.

The Image is taken in the Light condition, But, When we use the mobile is dark conditions; definitely, iPhone and Pixel Cameras work better. Xiaomi software makes smooth photos, which reducing the details of the things we took with this camera.

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Night Light Image Comparision iPhone 11 vs. Xiaomi Mi Note 10

What do you need to know about the High MP cameras?

Having a smartphone with such a massive camera quality is quite impressive; however, it is not the Number of MegaPixels in a camera that determines the quality of photos the camera can capture. The quality of photos taken from a camera depends on the quality of the camera sensor. For example, the cameras on Google Pixel smartphones don’t come with massive megapixels; however, they capture stunning photos, thanks to their sensor quality.

Thus, Xiaomi’s 108MP camera phone is not the best camera smartphone in the market. In terms of image quality in low light and detailing, the iPhone 11 camera seems to be better than the Mi Note 10.

Wrap Up

There are plenty of things you should consider before buying Android phones because of the Camera. The Pixel 2 and 3 series have only one 12.2 MP camera. But, they perform well compared with a lot of Multi-Camera Phones in the market. Google using AI Technology to optimize the photos after it was taken by Camera. Mark, my words, never fall for numbers and specs in the Android. I Didn’t say Xiaomi Mi Note 10 is a lousy mobile; It gives the sharpest image in the Industry now. But, As per MKBHD Review, It only gives the sharpness in the center, I think, Xiaomi can patch or enhance using the software update. But, Xiaomi software is not that good in terms of Image processing. I Wait for the Google Camera Mod that is going to unleash the full potential of this camera. What is your thought on the initial startup of the above 100MP cameras? Comment below.

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