Download Asus ROG Phone 1st Gen Pie 9.0 Stock Firmware (International)

Even if the Asus ROG Phone series is a Gaming phone, Like Hardware to give better performance, Software also important. That is the place where you can wisely utilize your hardware. Not like PCs, mobiles have limited energy. So, You have to Optimize them like laptops. In software terms, You can use both Stock UI and Customized Zen UI After the Pie 9.0 update. Asus ROG Phone 2 already received the upgrade. After months, the first-gen Asus ROG Phone also received a Pie 9.0 upgrade. It is a Gaming phone, so some unique tweaks are added in this version. So, you know, you can update your mobile via OTA using Software update option in settings. If you can’t do the process using the Auto method, you can try with one of the below manual ways. If you have a Rooted mobile, you should follow TWRP based approach.
Asus ROG Phone on the Table in Standing Position

When you have live condition mobile use Internal Memory or Stock Recovery method. When you can only access the fastboot, choose the ADB method. Rooted users must flash Magisk after the firmware flash, Or Else you will lose root access. There are plenty of features like Adaptive Brightness, Adaptive Battery, and Screen Recorder.

Pre-Requirement Steps

You should perform these steps before starting the process.

Run a backup

Always and always, you must run a comprehensive backup of all files, documents, and data on the Android device to be worked on. While the action may be done by a professional, if there be any mistakes, all data on the Mobile will be lost.

So, to be on the safe side, do run a backup first before continuing.

Charge the device fully

A lot of people will say you should charge the device up to 50% battery percentage or more. We recommend a fully loaded mobile so that there won’t be any stories.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders
Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders

Download ADB drivers, and ROM

  • Yeah, it is essential. You must download and install the ADB drivers on the PC, which you’ll be using for this action.
  • Download Asus ROG Phone 1st Gen ROM below. Copy this file to ADB Folder.
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Flash Firmware Pie 9.0 in Asus ROG Phone 1st Gen devices

Official OTA Method

If you want to update a security patch to the current month. Don’t go for the manual method. Try this Automatic method.

The process is straightforward and simple;

checking for software update android

  • Go to your device setting menu and scroll down to the bottom

  • Tap on “Software Update”

  • You may have to refresh the page to start the OTA upgrade process.

Manual Method

Using Internal Memory Method

This method doesn’t require  PC support, download, and installs within your mobile. It will work only with Stock firmware installed on your mobile. If you are already using Custom OS, move to the next method.

  • Download firmware to your mobile, Rename it to and copy it to your Internal Root Memory. Copy>> Internal memory. Don’t put in any folder, and Don’t change the name of the file.

Asus Internal Memory update Method

  • Restart your mobile; Your mobile will get the update notification.

  • Tap on “Software Update”

  • You may have to refresh the page to start the OTA upgrade process. Instead of download from Server, this update process will update from your Internal memory.

Using the Stock Recovery Method

  • Download firmware from the above link and copy it on your mobile.

Asus ROG Phone Recovery Mode Keys

  • Switch off your device. Then, enter into Recovery mode. To do this, press and hold down the Volume Down+ Power buttons at the same time for some time.
  • Press the Volume Down button to continue when you see the warning message.

  • Select “Install from internal storage.” select the storage where you downloaded your firmware file.
  • Wait for the process to complete. Don’t interrupt your mobile during the process.

Using ADB and Fastboot method

This method requires PC support; You can also use this method to use Stock ROM If you are using Custom ROMs.

  • Copy your downloaded firmware to PC and rename it to Copy those files to the folder where you installed ADB and Fastboot.

Asus ROG Phone Fastboot Mode Key combinations

  • Switch off your device. Then, enter into the Stock Recovery mode. To do this- Press and hold down the Volume Up + Power buttons at the same time for some time and connect your mobile with PC using a USB cable.
  • Press the Volume Up button to continue when you see the warning message.

  • Now, connect the Asus ROG Phone mobile to the computer via USB cable.

  • In Your Mobile stock recovery, select “Install from ADB.”
  • Launch the fastboot on your computer. Open a Command prompt on your PC and type below command.

  • fastboot devices
  • It should display the connected devices. If you didn’t get the Mobile, restart the command prompt and Disconnect and Connect your mobile. If you are detected, type below commands.
  • adb sideload
  • The command will install all the files. When the process complete, It will reboot your mobile.
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TWRP Recovery Method

This method is for those who are using Custom Recovery. Full TWRP Backup on External storage is necessary. You will lose All Data.

  • Download firmware from the above link, Magisk.Zip, and Copy it in your External mobile storage (OTG Cable). Don’t copy it in your Internal Storage. We are going to Wipe the entire mobile Internal memory.
  • Switch off your device. Then, enter into TWRP Recovery mode. To do this, press and hold down the Volume Down+ Power buttons at the same time for some time.
  • Select Wipe->Advance Wipe->Select System, Dalvik Cache Data. (Will Wipe all Data Including user Data)

Install Zip files in TWRP

  • Return to Home of TWRP select Install.
  • Select
  • After the Installation, Install
  • Reboot Your Mobile.

Check Firmware

Since you have just flashed new firmware to your Asus ROG Phone device, you may want to check if the firmware is correctly installed or not. Follow the step below to check your device firmware version.

You can check the firmware details >>> settings >>> about >>> version.

Asus ROG Phone Pie 9.0 Features

There are plenty of features added in the Android Pie 9.0 version, compare with the Nougat, Oreo versions. Here I mentioned some important features. Unlike other mobiles, you can choose between two UI- Stock UI and Zen UI. Below mentioned features may or may not available based on your UI selection.

Pie 9.0 Screenshots of Asus ROG Phone 1st Gen


Gesture Features

  • Swipe up for recent apps
  • Swipe tray up for the app tray
  • Single tap to return home
  • Long press to activate Google Assistant
  • Swipe left to go back
  • Swipe right to flip between the last two apps. You can refer to a lot of Gestures.


Moto Pie Notification Update

  • Now you can disable some unwanted notifications based on your explicit frequent. If you clear notifications without reading for some specific apps, based on your usage, the system will ask to disable for the separate app.

Adaptive Brightness

  • Based on the environment, your device can automatically adjust the Brightness. To enable this go to Settings >> Display >> Adaptive Brightness
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Battery Manager

  • If you enable the Battery manager, you can restrict apps that use unwanted power in the background.

Always On Display

  • New clock styles have been added, Charging Information is also available.


  • Menus have been reorganized to find every essential and frequent usage easily.


  • Call History increased.


  • Now you can manage contacts from various accounts with a new drawer menu.


  • Enhanced features are available now with AI Features.


  • Photo Editor App Available.

Easy Screenshot in Power Button

Moto Pie Screenshot Update

  • Now you can easily take a screenshot using Power Button. Press Power Button >> Screenshot.

Other Exclusive Features

  • Enhanced Network connectivity to play Games in a Stable way.
  • The Thunder Touch feature is added to provide excellent Touch experience.
  • Added extended VoLTE feature
  • Added Panorama feature for the camera
  • Some Camera improvements
  • Easy Volume Controls
  • Exclusive Zen UI Features
  • Upgraded Genie Panel added for Game Support.

Final Words

If you are in Stock firmware, Use the Internal memory update method. It is comfortable and safe; You can update like a Regular OTA Update. But if you were already using Rooted devices, You can try TWRP based Method. Don’t download any third-party apps; sometimes, it may trigger the updates process. There are a lot of new Gestures available in this Update, try them also. In my opinion, Asus ROG Phone 1 near Stock Android is better to compare with some other Custom Skin OS. So try to use this OS instead of a Custom OS. But the decision is your choice…:)

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