Samsung combined Pay and Pass into the Single Wallet Platform

In the software industry, you can, most of the time, revert, change, or add anything with minimal damage. That’s why when companies roll out new things, they will release new alternate or slightly improved versions after some days. You can usually find two or more apps from the same company for the same work. In Google, this can happens a lot. Samsung also has some confusion with their apps. Samsung has both Pay and Pass platforms which have some similar features. To avoid confusion and direct users to a single platform, Samsung combined Pay and Pass into the Single Wallet Platform.
Samsung Pay using in Galaxy S20

Samsung Pay and Pass Now available as a Single Wallet Platform

Instead of adding many new payment options, Samsung’s latest app combines two existing services: Pay and Pass. It’s similar to what Google adopted earlier this year, and both strive to interact with each card in your Wallet.

Samsung continues to support its mobile payment system, with debit and credit cards stored along with members and loyalty IDs. It’s not yet ready for the time of launch, but Samsung will soon be able to accept digital driver’s licenses as well as student IDs for states and schools as well as schools. Like Google, Samsung has ensured that COVID-19 is supported on its vaccination cards and in areas where vaccine status is regularly monitored.

New Features in Samsung Wallet

Samsung Wallet App Screenshots

With Pass support, it doubles as an administrator of passwords, removing the need to use services like LastPass and Bitwarden. SmartThings is also available connecting security systems for homes, digital car keys, and intelligent lock systems for your doors. Additionally, since it’s 2022, and everything has to work with Web3, Samsung Wallet integrates its blockchain application, allowing any user with a cryptocurrency portfolio to monitor their financials during these difficult times. The entire platform is powered by Samsung Knox, with fingerprint support and encrypted data that keeps your personal information secure and safe.

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Car Key Assistance

Samsung Mobile unlocking a Car

Samsung’s digital keys feature had been available in Samsung Pass only for one vehicle: the Genesis GV60. Samsung is expanding the compatibility to Genesis G90, Hyundai Palisade, and specific BMW models available after July 2020. The new Wallet can also be used with nine security firms for smart homes through SmartThings, which means that We can utilize digital keys for your home. However, other options that are more pedestrian, such as the ability to save flight tickets, are currently restricted to Korean Air flights.

The feature is available on many models, including the BMW 1-8 Series, X5, the X5 M, X6, X6M, Z4, IX3, and i4 models produced in July 2020 or later. It is also accessible on Genesis GV60 models available after September 2021, G90 models launched after December 2021, and Hyundai Palisade models launched after May 2022.


Certain features won’t be available on the majority of phones. For instance, specific car keys require UWB short-range connectivity, and some require a smartphone equipped with Samsung’s eSE security hardware. Samsung Wallet is available now throughout The US, UK, and regions of Europe for Galaxy phones with Samsung Pay running Android 9 or later.

Wrap Up

It would help if you were productive when you have plenty of software resources and can change them whenever you want. You can create plenty of useful apps and platforms. Instead of throwing lots of apps to users. It would help if you focused on single-entry media and new features within those apps. Google recently integrated Duo with Meet. It looks like Google finally understands why the Social related apps are not getting much attention. They want to group the apps within the same platform. What are your thoughts about the Samsung Single Wallet platform solution? Share your thoughts below.

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