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If you can remember, you may know the Auto-Play Video Ads in the website that doesn’t come with a mute option and embarrass us in the work environment or when we use our PC with Speaker turned on. After few years, every Video platform begins to play a video with the Mute option when they Auto Play videos. That’s why Instagram Autoplay videos are making us tap in the video to play it with sound. Now the same option comes in WhatsApp. Hereafter you can send Muted Videos in WhatsApp. You will get the option during the video send with the speaker symbol. When you turn it on, It will go as Unmuted video. When you select the icon, It will go as muted video.
WhatsApp Muted Vdieos Send in Pixel mobile

You would sometimes want to mute background noise/sound before sending someone a video through WhatsApp. Over the years, the option to mute sound in videos isn’t available on WhatsApp; however, the latest update on the app introduces a “mute” feature. Apparently, this is great news to many people.

Why is the Mute option important in WhatsApp Videos?

Let’s say you find a hilarious clip that you wish to share on your WhatsApp status or end to some person(s), but you don’t want the sound in the background to be heard by the receiver(s); this feature will allow you to mute the background sound before sending the video.

The feature is available in the video preview interface – the same place where you can add text and emojis to a video you want to share via the WhatsApp app.

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However, before now, the only way you could share a video clip without background noise – to your WhatsApp status – is to share the video as a “GIF.” but the option to send/share a video as a GIF is only available for short clips – clips below 10 seconds. If the clip is a long one, it must go along with the background sounds. Now, this new feature has provided the flexibility that many WhatsApp users really needed.

How to Get The Feature?

Mute WhatsApp Video Edit

Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders
Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders

According to WaBetaInfo, the feature may be available in older versions of the app; however, it is only available on the latest version, version beta. The feature started rolling out recently; hence, it is not available for everybody. If you haven’t got the feature, you should wait for some hours more, even after updating your app version.

Also, the feature is applicable while sending out a video to your status or sending it to a contact/group. It doesn’t matter if the video is recorded with the WhatsApp app or not; the “mute” feature is available “app-wide.”

How to Use Mute option in WhatsApp video?

Mute Option in WhatsApp Video

When you select the video you want to send to your status or to contact; usually, It’ll take you to a preview screen, where you can write the caption, add emoji, or text to the video – in this same preview screen, that’s where the “mute” feature lies.

You’d find a new “Mute” icon at the top-left corner – below the video timeline – click on the icon to mute or unmute background sound in a video you’re about to send.

Wrap Up

Rolling out small features can make a big impact. The mute option is one of those features. On Instagram, all Autoplay videos are muted. This is a useful feature – sometimes the background sounds in a video can be very disturbing or distracting – instead of using a third-party video editor app to remove background sounds, this new feature is convenient and needed. But does this really looks like an important update to you? Let’s hear your thoughts in the comment section.

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