Spring Recap 2022 Playlist available on YouTube Music

Even though Google is a tech giant, It doesn’t mean it can win any platform. There are already popular companies available on every tech platform. But when you have a vast user base, You can try anything new, and in the long run, you can get users based on your unique platform. We know YouTube is a popular video platform. Since YouTube is a video and audio platform, Extracting Music from it within the system is not that hard for Google. So, They begin to start YouTube Music which allows you to stream audio without video content. Since Spotify is the king in the music app, Google tries its best to keep up with others by introducing new and already available features in other apps. Now, Spring Recap 2022 Playlist is available on YouTube Music. It is similar to Spotify Recap.
YouTube Music Spring Recap 2022 in Mobile

The playlist for Spring Recap 2022 is available on YouTube Music.

YouTube Music now displays a wrap-up and a title card entitled “Spring Recap is Here” in its Home feed. We can access the six cards containing your YouTube Music stats for spring by tapping the button. The first page lists your top song and artist and your time listening to them. The following three pages will cover your top five albums, songs, and artists for this phase. The following two pages will cover your top three favorite genres, followed by their most-favorite playlist.

Available Recaps

YouTube Music Spring Recap 2022 Screenshots

Below is a swipeable list of six stat pages that can be saved to your phone or shared. YouTube Music aims to go viral with each page labeled “Recap.” Cards are designed to be used in social media posts and stories.

  • Spring: Summary card with the top song and artist, as well as the total listening time
  • Top spring songs: Top 5
  • Top spring albums: Five
  • Top 5 spring artists
  • Top spring genres: 3
  • Top spring playlist: Only 1
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Music Stats

Your music stats are displayed in a seasonal review on a black or gray background. Each card is labeled “Recap” at the top-right corner. The cards are optimized for sharing via social media. We could access the banner directly through the Reddit thread, but another person was able to access it by clicking the “2021 Recap” option in the app’s menu.

Why Recap?

These recaps are likely sent to generate interest and gauge audience reaction temporarily. This may be why YouTube Premium subscribers who received recap updates discovered that they disappeared without warning just a few hours later.


Most users saw nothing on the screen, so we are waiting for more updates. YouTube may be showing surface reviews of seasonal events instead of annual recaps, but it’s not known.

Google should be focusing on Shuffle, which is important

YouTube recently made significant improvements to its Music app, giving users more personalization and improving the user interface for tablets. Many customers complained that the shuffle function is still not as good as possible. It mixes songs too often in large playlists.

Wrap Up

Google is trying something to engage users on the platform. It is like Snapchat Streaks, Where Snapchat makes users visit the app at least once a day. When you do that, they will surf other content, making users engage in more range. YouTube Summer Recap 2022 comes with not only Playlists but also Stats. So, It will make users share their stats with other, and somewhat google feel it can make users come to the platform and increase the engagement meant. It is like Apple Watch stats where they share to show their potential. But, In Reality, Spending time on mobile is considered unsuitable for people. But, Since it is a song listening stat, It can happen anywhere during Gym, Swimming, and other activities. What are your thoughts about YouTube Summer Recap 2022? Share your thoughts below.

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