YouTube Music is now showing Other Performances in Related Tab

Since Music Industry was revamped, Revenus streamed after companies like Spotify and Apple Music Platforms; All other leading tech companies have begun to show interest in it. Even though Google has its great Video platform, Listening to music is not as comfortable as Spotify. Google launched a separate platform called YouTuibe Music, Specially for playing Audio songs. They keep pushing updates often to enhance the experience. Now, YouTube Music is showing Other Performances on the Related Tab. The other performances can be Remix or Studio releases.
Other Performances in YouTube Music

YouTube Music Other Performances

The new carousel can be found depending on the song by opening the “Related” tab in the bottom right corner of Now Playing. Scroll past “You might also enjoy” and “Recommended playlists,” and you will see the new carousel. This page also includes “Similar artists,” “More From,” and “About The Artist.” YouTube Music’s “Other performances,” which list many versions, vary greatly and are usually limited to famous artists/songs. The rectangular cover art indicates you can see both audio and video.

YouTube Music Other Performances Screenshot

Which songs are in Other Performances?

You can now see concert clips that were recorded by regular people and uploaded to YouTube. This doubles as a great way to increase the discovery of other content and highlight the benefits of streaming without needing to use search or the home feed manually.


This section was first available for some users around a month ago. However, it seems that most users should have this section by now.

Wrap Up

Youtube is trying its best to keep up with the leading Stream platforms like Spotify. But as much as it tried, Spotify has its unique approach, and they are best at it. But even though any platform is loved by most of the users, It should have its Advantages and Disadvantages. YouTube should take advantage of Spotify’s Drawbacks and grab the users from them. Also, YouTube Music should focus on quality; most of the songs playing on YouTube Music are audio versions of the YouTube platform. Did you get Other Performances in YouTube Music Related Tab? Share your experience below.

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