T-Mobile mid-band 5G Hits 1Gbps speed

When AT&T and Verizon have different strategies for 5G, T-Mobile already rolled out the 5G Nationwide. Even if it is a low band 5G, it is a real 5G band. T-Mobile previously announced its plans of mid-band and ultra-wideband step by step. T-Mobile recently launched 5G in New York with Mid-band 5G. After two weeks of the launch now, T-Mobile 5G can achieve 1Gbps speed. When Verizon needs mobile manufacturers to put specific mmWave antenna to access the Verizon 5G UW, T-Mobile already made the UW band 5G speed in their mid-range band without any additional individual antennas to the mobiles. Also, Verizon 5G loses signal when you cross the block since it uses a 5Ghz network. But T-Mobile uses a 2.5Ghz network for 5G signal, and it works pretty well to achieve 1Gbps speed.
T-Mobile mid-band 5G Hits 1Gbps speed

How T-Mobile mid-band 5G achieved 1Gbps speed?

T-mobile already announced its plans of low-band, mid-band, and UltraWide bands. Initially, they rolled out low-band 5G Nationwide. After merging with the Sprint, they utilize the 2.5Ghz towers to roll out the Mid-band 5G in New York. When they launched 5G before two weeks, the speed is not equal to Verizon 5G, where you can hit up to 1Gbps. But after they adjust the frequency from 40Hz to 60Hz, Now users can access 5G in the speed of 1Gbps. There are a lot of technical works that happened to achieve the rate. But I only highlighted the significant change. Ookla speed test published a comprehensive observation on how T-Mobile made the speed.

Currently, You need dual connectivity mobiles to achieve 1Gbps speed

T-Mobile 5G 1Gbps speed test Results

Yes, there is a catch here. The person Milan Milanović who tested the speed of the T-Mobile 5G, uses OnePlus 8 Pro’s LTE-5G EN-DC (Dual connectivity mode). It is like a bridge of networks. Where you can use both 5G and LTE at the same time to increase your download speed, during his experiment, he gets 1.1-1.2 Gbps speed in various tests. But, The network used 300Mbps from LTE and the Rest 800Mbps from 5G. Currently, OnePlus 8 Pro has this feature of dual connectivity, but unfortunately, Samsung Galaxy S20 mobiles don’t have this one. The Dual connectivity requirements are what needed to use the speed in a current situation. In the future, there will be a lot of alternatives to achieve the same rate.

5G technology already feels complicated among mobile operators. So, When users buy their mobiles, they should check the compatibility with the available networks. OnePlus have to add mmWave antenna to its Verizon version OnePlus 8 to receive Verizon 5G. The same goes for Samsung Galaxy S20 5G.

T-Mobile doing right things in 5G

T-Mobile 5G and Sprint LTE Roaming Wave

Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo
Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo

Users don’t need to know about the tech you are using to achieve 5G. All they need is when they turn on their 5G mobile data, they should get 5G speed. T-Mobile tactics from the beginning are great. Initially, they launched low-band 5G, which is better than LTE and covers the same area as 4G LTE do. The mid-band covers Metro cities, and mmWave will cover high dense areas. Also, T-Mobile doesn’t require exclusive mobile hardware to access their network. Where Verizon needs mmWave antennas, so, Unlocked mobiles 5G won’t work with Verizon.

Users mostly avoid complicated process to achieve technology. You should give access to the flow. Verizon’s UW 5G equipment can cover a small area. Also, It can be affected by the barriers easily. Planting the mmWave antenna in every block takes a lot of time. But T-Mobile 2.5Ghz network works better. When 5G launched, we already write an article about why the end of 2020 is the best to buy 5G mobiles when you have an available network. Mobile Manufacturers already starts to sell affordable 5G phones. Redmi K30 5G is available from $300. Yes, It may not be available in the US. But Samsung mobile like A51 5G can be price worthy. So, Soon most of the users begin to use the 5G network. It is the mobile operators’ responsibility to provide what users want.

Wrap Up

Some of you may think T-Mobile 5G covers only 800Mbps; The 1.2 Gbps speed happens with the combination of LTE and 5G. But Verizon can provide 1.1- 1.4 Gbps using 5G alone. So, Verizon is better. No. As a user, we don’t need backend drama. When we want to download in 5G speed, our mobile operator should do the task. They can use any technology. But the job should be done. Putting users in the limited area and asking them to purchase exclusive mobiles to access the 5G experience is not a great idea. That’s what Verizon is currently doing. Even unlocked mobiles cases are not fit in Verizon OnePlus 8 mobile since it has an exclusive mmWave antenna.

T-Mobile already has Sprint customers, and they gain massive users in Q2,2020. When mobile operators work hard to achieve the real 5G, AT&T refuses to drop the 5GE logo, which is not real 5G. You should always think about the user’s side. When users are not comfortable with our network, they simply walk away. So, In the future carriers should think from the user side. What are your thoughts on T-Mobile 1Gbps hit? Did you feel other mobile operators make things complicated? Comment below.

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