Major US Mobile carriers outage- What Happened?

On 15th June 2020, around noon, PT T-Mobile users face outage issues. They can’t make a voice call and use data. The outage is now recovered. Most of the users can now use their network. But, We will go through what happened and what caused the outage among major US Mobile carriers. It slowly spread to other Mobile carriers that it affects the outgoing call to T-Mobile from Verizon, AT&T, and US-Cellular mobiles. It is not a full outage, and some of the users in the other region is not experiencing any issues. All users believe the whole US mobile networks are under disruption. But later the information revealed the problem is with T-Mobile.
T-Mobile and Verizon 5G Mobiles nearby

There is no network attack against mobile operators. Most of the users who reported in the Down Detector from different operators can’t make a call to T-Mobile. Thus they mistakenly said that their network has issues. But, the real problem is T-Mobile. They are working on their new network infrastructure update, and they did something wrong.

Major US Mobile carriers outage issues are mostly a T-Mobile outage.

T-mobile has a vast customer base after the Sprint merger. Also, They are working on the mid-band 5G network adaptation after the successful low-band 5G availability nationwide. When T-Mobile users can’t make a call and use data, even if they can, it is unstable, and there is a drop in voice call. The users who tried to call the T-Mobile users can’t connect with them. So, Other Carrier users from Verizon, AT&T, and US-Cellular carriers thought they also have the same outage issue. But the users who try to call between Verizon can connect. Also, In some regions, even T-Mobile users can make a call and use data. Thus, the problem persists in some areas and doesn’t affect the whole network.

US Mobile Carriers Outage Map

Some users begin to tell that the mobile carriers are under attack. Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince explained it is not a DDOS attack in his latest tweet. Also, he mentioned that reality is boring. Which means it is a human error from the T-Mobile network.

Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince Tweet about US carriers outage

Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo
Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo

The pure data and call outage in a single network made looks like every social network, and carriers are also under disruption. Most of the users who can’t make a call to other Networks, can’t access the website, reported in Down Detector. So, It made the wrong report as every platform is down.

T-Mobile Response

T-Mobile is recovered on 15th June 2020 around 10.00 PM with both voice and data support. President of Technology (T-Mobile) Neville mentioned the fix in his tweet. During the outage, T-Mobile Engineers first fix on data issues and say that to users that they can use Internet-based messaging and calls service. After a few hours, they settled the voice calls facility.

T-Mobile response on Outage

Wrap Up

A significant outage like this is not good. People who are in urgent situations even can’t make a voice call. FCC chief mentioned this issue as “Unacceptable.” This one word can explain the whole user’s status. All users begin to blame the T-Mobile support page and respective Twitter pages. T-Mobile gains a lot of users by Nationwide 5G and 1Gbps 5G speed with its mid-range band while Verizon and AT&T are struggling to roll out the network. The Basic and essential task of the phone is to make calls. When a mobile can’t do a simple job, what is the use of having 5G technology? Mobile operators should focus more on user comfort and ensure the availability of the essential. Did you face any issues with your network? You can share your experience below with your current Mobile operator name.

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