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Everybody loves music. The Favourite Genre and singers may vary for every people, but we always have our bunch of songs. The days where you need to buy separate CDs to get your songs are over. Everything nowadays comes under in digital form. People also ready to subscribe to stream songs officially. When songs are available on many platforms officially, It will reduce copyright issues. Most of the users go for non-official versions because they can’t get the official one in handy. Facebook always tries the clone of every successful app. Not only Facebook, every tech companies always try some alternatives. YouTube is an essential platform for official music videos. Now Facebook begins to stream official music videos. Hereafter you don’t need to go to third-party sites or embed YouTube video.
Musical Instruments in the Studio on Spot light

Facebook announced to launch its exclusive music streaming on its leading platform, Facebook Watch. Facebook users are already watching Exclusive shows and videos on this Watch, but now they can enjoy the exclusive music content by famous bands and music groups.

What is Facebook Watch?

Facebook launched the Watch section on August 10, 2017, to stream videos and shows to its over 2.6 billion monthly active users. Initially, Watch was comprised of videos by Facebook users. Later live, and recorded videos are available in the Watch section. Now in Watch, you can see users’ exclusive videos, live shows, weekly cooking shows, and daily vlogs.

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Facebook Watch Page

What are new licensed official music videos on Facebook Watch?

Facebook announced to roll out official music videos on this Watch platform. It is an excellent achievement of Facebook to its new rival YouTube.  There will be a new destination of music videos on Facebook Watch now. Facebook users will now have the fun to see the exclusive music videos of famous artists like Bob Marley, Jonas Brothers, Marvin Gaye, and many more. For this launch, Facebook has partnered major us music groups like Sony Music, Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, Merlin, BMG, and many other indigents. So, users will get a variety of music videos from famous artists and these big music groups. 

Available regions

Facebook official Music videos page

Before today’s US launch, Facebook had to work with India and Thailand for the official music videos launch. These official music videos also launched in India this Friday. In India, Facebook has partners like T-Series Music, Zee Music Company, and Yash Raj Films on its Watch platform. Currently, this new feature available in a few regions, We can expect the availability Worldwide soon.

How will the new artist be added?

Before this launch, Facebook informed the supported artist for permission, which will allow Facebook to their music videos on their official Facebook page. On the official Facebook page, the artist will be able to edit or delete its videos at any time. Also, Facebook will automatically generate a separate official page on the artist’s behalf. This page will be controlled by Facebook and accessible on Facebook Watch. The artist can later take the control to add or delete its music videos from this page. It is a big project for Facebook because huge artists will involve in this platform. Facebook also encourages regular creators using Instagram Reel, which is the shutdown version of the lasso.

How will the Facebook official music videos work on Watch?

Reacting to Facebook Official Music videos

These official music videos will work like other Facebook posts. You can share these, react to, and comment on these videos and share these official music videos across news feeds, groups, and Messenger, where your friends can discover the post. Also, Now Facebook Messenger allows up to 50 People, so you can make an Online party and listen to your favorite songs. You can follow your favorite artist to receive the latest videos in your news feed and can go live too. The Follow option will be available on the artist’s Facebook page. With the shared post option, you will go to the official page of the artist, where you can Watch more official videos.

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How to access Facebook official music videos?

There are plenty of ways to access official music videos.

Facebook Official Music Videos view methods

  • Watch Option– Login with your Facebook account. On the Home page, you can see the tab “Watch.” From there, you can search and view your favorite music videos when you follow the Artists.
  • Search Option– You can search the Artist or Music page and select the videos you want to watch.
  • Artist Page– You can also directly go to the Artist Facebook page and watch videos.

Monetizing Facebook official music videos

These official music videos will be monetized, like other videos on Facebook. Facebook takes 45% of revenue generated through ads and gives 55% to the content producer.  Unlike other videos, official music videos will not be interrupted by the ads in the middle of the play; instead, Ads will appear pre-roll or post-role.

Facebook Watch will use a personalization

It is common among social networks. But Facebook is better in personalization techniques. As you watch, engage, and share the official music videos, Watch will use its personalization technique to your music experience. Facebook is planning more social skills based on the data collected from your sharing and Watching.

Is Facebook official music videos a threat to YouTube?

YouTube jumped from $11.2 billion in 2018 to $15.15 billion in 2019, a 36.5 percent jump, and gained 46% of streaming music in 2019. Currently, YouTube is the only platform to discover original music with videos. The Facebook official music video launch is an effect on YouTube in the coming days when the Artists begin to attend. YouTube paid $3 billion in 2019 to its content producers, which is good with this ratio of the paid amount. Facebook will be an excellent platform for music producers who feel that they can get more with the new platforms.

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Wrap up

Facebook’s official music video will be an excellent experience for its 2.6 billion users. Meanwhile, the largest platform will be available to the original music creators. Since Facebook have more socialize platform compare with YouTube, if they implement features correctly, they can get more creators and followers. When a company performs a new function instead of creating a separate platform, the chance for success is enormous. That’s why Google is integrating its Meet platform into Gmail, and Facebook adds an option in WhatsApp for the Messenger Rooms. What do you think about these new official music videos on Facebook? Did you think it can become successful as YouTube? Do tell us in the comments below.

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