Amazon Prime and IMDb TV will not remove from Roku Platform

Since every famous Studio begins to launch its own OTT platforms, It has drastically affected general platforms like Netflix, Roku, and Amazon Prime. That’s why popular platforms like Amazon Prime and Netflix have begun to create their Originals. But Other than those leading companies, Roku and Hulu are still facing issues with finishing deals. Since Hulu has a massive list of Live TVs, It goes to a safe site. But, Roku is struggling with Disney+ and other popular Networks. Rumors suggest They will remove Amazon prime and IMDb TV from Roku in upcoming deals. But, Somehow, Roku seals the deal, and Amazon Prime and IMDb TV will not withdraw from the Roku Platform.
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Roku Streaming Platform

Roku is an older streaming media platform (and there are many other options these days) and has grown beyond its purple boxes. You can now find Roku integrated into TVs made by Hisense and TCL, many of which are also sold on Amazon. Last year, the Information reported that Roku had difficulty reaching an agreement with Amazon. Content providers have asked for more user data access in the Google negotiations. This could result in the loss of Prime Video and IMDB television, which Amazon bundles in such deals.

Roku Official Statement about Amazon Prime and IMDb deal

Roku Statement About Amazon Prime and IMDb Deal

Roku’s brief statement doesn’t detail data-sharing concessions, but they’re likely are. Roku subscribers may consider this a small price for continuing access to Amazon’s content overgrowing. Bezos and co. have just completed an $8 billion deal for MGM. There’s also a Lord of the Rings series in the works. This deal will likely mean that Roku’s ad-supported channel will continue to work on Amazon’s Fire TV platform. I believe they call “synergy” within the advertising industry.

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Roku past issues and other Network deals

Today’s media ecosystem is a complex web of distribution agreements and limited licensing, even with the top streaming boxes. This can sometimes lead to consumer frustration when services disappear without warning. However, this is no longer an issue. The YouTube TV feuds from last year are well-known to all. They reported Roku’s access to Amazon’s video selection in late 2021.

Wrap Up

When you have a vast user base with good business, You should keep providing what users want. Since OTT platforms have become a high competition area, Surviving needs lots of attention to what users want. You have to lose giant users when you don’t offer what your competitors do. OTT platforms are pure content-based platforms. When users can’t find their favorite shows, they move to other platforms. There is no mention of how much Roku paid to keep Amazon Prime and IMDb TV. But they did an excellent job of sticking with them. Did you watch Prime and IMDb TV on your Roku? Please share your thoughts below on how much they are essential to you.

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