AT&T will drop 5G E Advertising but not a Logo in your Mobile

When every mobile operator in the world tries to provide real 5G to users, AT&T changed its advanced LTE icon to 5G E. When you want to use real 5G, you should have 5G phones. But with the AT&T logo, you can see the 5G E on your 4G phones. The truth is there is no real 5G technology from AT&T at this time. After receiving a lot of criticism, the NARB members ask them to drop the 5G E advertising. As per the advice, they won’t use the term in the Advertising, but they will keep the logo in users’ mobile. Even if AT&T claiming it is an initial step for the new technology and we called them 5G Evolution. But, when you try like this, it will mislead users.
AT&T will drop 5G E Advertising but not a logo in your mobile

Most of the people will think they are using 5G technology in their mobile and reality; they are not. AT&T using this logo from the end of 2017 to till now. Techies keep criticizing AT&T for this.

What is this AT&T 5G E Advertising?

At the end of 2017, When T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless announcing their plans to implement the 5G technologies to users, AT&T rolled out the update that changes the LTE network logo to 5G E., It misleads the users, and some users thought they are using 5G. Other mobile operators made complain about this issue, but AT&T doesn’t change the logo.

NARB Action on AT&T 5G E Claim

After hit by a lot of criticism on the 5G E issue, members of the National Advertising Review Board (NARB) asks AT&T to remove the term from Advertising. AT&T accepts the advice. But what they are doing is not acceptable. They are going to remove the word from only Advertisements, not in users’ mobile. It doesn’t make sense. Because the percentage of a logo impact will be less than the Advertisement impact, some non-tech people still believe they are using 5G.

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Why is AT&T doing these 5G E tactics?

The motto is simple. They don’t want to lose customers. They did these same tactics when Sprint and Verizon have 4G LTE connections, and AT&T stick with the 3G technology. AT&T will surely roll out the low band 5G to users like T-Mobile. But the process may take a long time. AT&T software updates are the same as this. When all mobile receives regular patch updates with carriers most of the time, the same model in the AT&T network will receive 30-60 days late.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders
Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders

5G technology is complicated compare with the previous network versions. Some mobiles don’t have mmWave antenna. When you don’t have this antenna on your mobile, you can’t use Verizon 5G. That’s why you have to purchase a mobile from the Verizon store if you want to use Verizon Ultra-Wideband 5G. Every mobile manufacturer is making an exclusive model to access this type of band. Recently Samsung and Verizon announced mmWave compatible S20 mobiles. Before the release, you can use Verizon 5G only in S20 Ultra and S20 Plus variants.

What is the AT&T reaction about the Advertisement drop?

As per the AT&T news release, they mentioned they are going to comply with the NARB rules. But they didn’t say the 5G E logo on the mobile. They agreed to drop only the Advertisements regarding the term. So, they are going to continue the logo on all mobiles.

Wrap Up

Pretending like they have the technology to attract users is not a good idea. In the long term, companies will lose the faith of users and also lose customers. Using 5G E in the logo is like putting the output in print command in coding. Then why every mobile operator does their best to bring technology. When 5G technology term appears in Android Mobiles, some fall for it because some mobile manufacturers already released 5G mobiles. But, AT&T showing 5G E in iPhones too. In iPhones, it doesn’t make sense. iPhone yet released 5G compatible mobiles.

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NARB already deals with the Advertisement category. They can’t take any actions in the logo issue Because it is related to the mobile network or software department. The official who is associated with the respective department should address the issue. What are your thoughts regarding the 5G E claim? When you are using the AT&T, share the experience about your mobile speed and coverage below.

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