ESPN and Disney Channels are returned to YouTube TV

Even though there are plenty of Stream services are available to us. We still can’t skip the Live TVs due to our favorite sports or shows. When users can’t get or don’t prefer regular TV connections, They go for Streaming services-based TV Subscriptions. Among those, YouTube TV is popular in the US regions. It has a decent list of all popular TV channels. All of them worked with their contracts for a limited time. After the Contract expiry, they have to renew the line with the same price or new price. Recently, YouTuve TV has removed ESPN, ABC, and Disney channels because they can’t keep the price deal. They notified the users about the issue and offered a $15 credit in their account. But, Now ESPN and Disney Channels are returned to YouTube TV. YouTube also gives $15 credit when you continue the Channel access.
ESPN Playing in YouTube TV

After being stripped of all Disney networks on Friday, which included ESPN and ABC, YouTube TV, and Disney, have agreed to bring the entire network back, the best part is that YouTube TV’s cost won’t go up and will remain at $65 a month. You can receive a credit of $15.

Removal of ESPN, ABC, and Disney Channels from YouTube TV

On Saturday night, at midnight ET 18th December 2021, Disney channels went missing on YouTube TV after the two companies could not agree on a new deal. In the afternoon of Saturday, Google’s cord-cutting services declared that it had “reached an agreement to sign a contract with Disney.” Details behind-the-scenes are not yet reported, and it’s not clear who was the one to point. The company did say that it “appreciates Disney’s collaboration and its willingness to work towards the conclusion of an agreement.”

YouTube TV Removel of ESPN ABC Disney

Google stated that it wants Disney to “treat YouTube TV like any other TV service – providing us with the same prices that other services of the same size can be charged across all Disney channels for the duration that we are carrying the channels.”

The Return of ESPN and Disney Channels

In their blog post and email to customers, Google says they have restored accessibility to Disney networks, ESPN, and your local ABC affiliate. Everything will be back during the day, and They will correct the personal preference, suggestions, and recordings.

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Return of ESPN Disney YouTube TV

In the case of that credit of $15 I mentioned earlier, Google has stated that they will reduce the cost for YouTube TV to $50/mo with the demise of the two networks. However, they’re still promising a single credit “for all affected Base Plan members.

The channels, such as ESPN and FX, are gradually beginning to show up on YouTube TV, and “your nearby ABC station is also on all day long.” That includes on-demand and live content in addition to previously recorded Disney recordings stored in your library or DVR. The following channels are returned to YouTube TV.

  • ABC News Live
  • ACC Network
  • Disney Channel
  • Disney Junior
  • DisneyXD
  • ESPN
  • ESPN2
  • ESPN3 (by authentication to the ESPN app)
  • Freeform
  • FX
  • FXM
  • FXX
  • Local ABC channel
  • National Geographic
  • National Geographic Wild
  • SEC Network

How to Claim $15 Credit in my YouTube TV Account?

When you are an active user with ESPN and Disney channels, You will receive an automatic $15 discount on your next bill. When you are a Pause subscription member, You will receive a $15 credit after paying for the subscription for one month. For Verizon YouTube TV members, You will receive a $15 discount on your next bill.

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Wrap Up

Google may be a tech giant and famous company. But when it comes to dealing with direct customers, they always miss something and lose users. Their product-based and customer-based approach need to be improved. ESPN and Disney channels are not one among others. Most of the users always use those channels. So, When announcing something, you should be careful. If a user finds a better alternative during this time, They will stick with it and never return. There are plenty of other choices like Hulu Live TV Channel streaming services. I hope YouTube doesn’t do this kind of thing again. Did you use Youtube TV? What are your thoughts about ESPN and Disney channel deal approach? Share your thoughts below.

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