Unfreeze Not Responding Non-Removable Battery Android Mobiles

The common problem with the Digital Electronic devices is Frozen, and Won’t respond to our inputs. You won’t notice these issues in new mobiles. But, when the device becomes old, You will see a lot of lag issues. Most of them blame the hardware of our mobile for this issue. The real problem is Software and OS. When we have Removeable Battery option in our Android Mobiles, When we face freeze issue, We pull the battery out and re-insert it to our mobile. Our Mobile will work properly after that. But, Nowadays, All of the Android Mobiles coming with an attached non-removable battery. So, We can’t do the old trick to Unfreeze your Android mobile.
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Freezed

In Android Mobiles, It is a common problem, When you are using Custom Skin OS. Stock Android devices face fewer challenges like this. That’s why most of the users prefer Stock Android Custom ROMs. When you meet the frozen Android Mobile, you can access only Physical keys. So, Below I am going to explain a few methods that can fix the frozen and Un-Responsive screens of your Android Mobile.

How to Unfreeze/Frozen and won’t respond Non-Removable Battery Android Mobiles?

When we can’t remove the battery, our options are limited. But, We can try our best to fix your mobile. At the end of the article, I will also give some tips on to avoid the lag issues on your Android Mobile. So, that you can prevent problems before happen.

1. Long Press Power Button

It will work most of the time. Long press your power button for 10 seconds, It will trigger the power of your mobile, and your mobile will shut down in a few seconds.

2. Unfreeze Android Mobile by Boot into Maintenance Mode

This Option may not be available in some manufacturer mobiles. But most of the leading Android Mobiles like Samsung Galaxy, LG, Google, OnePlus, and Sony have this option. When you face the frozen display, and you can’t swipe the menu, Press Volume Down+ Power Button, for 10-15 seconds. It will boot your mobile into Boot Maintenance Mode. You will get a lot of options on the menu. Use Volume keys to navigate and Power button to confirm the choice. If your mobile freezes only a few times, you can select the Normal Boot. But, If you are continually facing issues, it is better to reset your mobile. But, Before making Factory reset, take complete backup.

Maintanence Boot Mode Samsung Galaxy

Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders
Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders

3. Use Physical Key combinations to Boot into Recovery Mode

This method will not affect your User data. It will only soft reset your mobile. Press Volume Up+ Power Button on your mobile for 7-10 Seconds. After that, it will boot you into the recovery mode, or it will directly soft reset your mobile. The response may vary depending on the mobile manufacturers. If you received a Recovery mode menu, use Volume keys to navigate and Power button to confirm the selection.

3.1 Stock Recovery method

Xiaomi Mi A2 Stock Recovery Screenshot

If you didn’t use Rooted mobiles, most of the time, you have Stock Recovery, which is provided by your official mobile manufacturer. If you have stock recovery, you have the direct option as “Reboot System Now.” Navigate to this option and confirm it using the power key button.

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3.2 TWRP Recovery method

When you use Rooted mobiles, you either use Stock Recovery or TWRP custom recovery. If you have Stock Recovery, you can use the above process. When you installed TWRP on your mobile, follow the steps below.

TWRP Recovery Normal Boot to OS

  • The Keycombinations will boot your mobile into TWRP Recovery mode.
  • On the Home screen, you can find the option as “Boot.” Select the item; you will receive further options as System, Power Off, Recovery, and Bootloader. Select “System.” Your mobile will boot into Normal OS.

4. Using ADB Commands to Reboot your Mobile from Unresponsive Stage

This process may work 50-60%. If you use Old Mid-range mobiles, the chances are less. But, When you have Flagship mobiles or New mobiles, it will work. The OS still can handle background commands. So, the ADB commands may work.


adb reboot command

  • Launch the fastboot on your computer. Open a Command prompt on your PC and type below command.

  • adb devices
  • It should display the connected devices. If you didn’t get the Mobile, restart the command prompt and Disconnect and Connect your mobile. If you are detected, type below commands.
  • adb reboot
  • The command will reboot your mobile.

5. Drain the Battery Completely

This method will work in all mobiles. It is a simple way compare with all other was. But, When you have more than 90%, It can take a Day to drain the battery. So, I suggest this method in the last. When you can’t succeed in the above techniques, You can try this process. After the complete drain of battery, Charge your mobile. And you can see your device will boot into standard OS after you turn on using the power button.

How to Prevent Freeze and Lag Issues in Android Mobiles?

Prevention is better before dealing with the issues. None of the Android mobiles will freeze suddenly. Before the sudden freeze, Your mobile always gives a lot of warning signs. It feels lag when using the apps. It will not respond when we are using it. If you find these signs, you should follow the below methods to speed up your mobile.

1. Restart your mobile in Certain period

Uptime Check in Android Mobile

Your mobile is a Small PC. You don’t need to restart your mobile frequently. But, If you do once in a week, you can notice the performance difference. You can find your Mobile Last restart/power off in your mobile About section. Go to Settings>About>Uptime. If you notice above 240 Hours, it means your mobile stays on for 10 Days. Maybe it is time for a restart.

2. Check the Internal Storage

Free up Storage Android

When your mobile phone memory becomes full, It will affect mobile performance. You can check your mobile storage in Settings>Storage. If you find your mobile memory is 90% full. It is time to free up some applications. Whatsapp Media files always take a lot of storage in your phone memory. You can move those files in the File manager. After the move, you can still view those files in Gallery. Don’t move Backup files.

3. RAM Usage Monitoring

View RAM Android

The amount of RAM is significant in terms of the performance, After the processors. It is like using an efficient driver in a Good car. Bad driver in a Good car and Good driver in a Bad car, Both don’t give good results. You don’t need a high amount of RAM on your mobile. But, it should handle all the applications flawlessly. If you have low RAM Mobiles, you can use other less RAM consuming apps. You can also Force Stop unwanted system apps. But, you should know what you are going to disable. If you disable the important apps, it may affect the Android OS working.

4. Regular Software Updates

Mobile Manufacturers are rolling out the updates to fix a lot of issues. It makes a lot of effort from their side. If you didn’t utilize the update, they would stop rolling out the updates regularly. So, it is our responsibility to install the updates. Most of the time, your mobile will remind you of these things. Some mobiles download the OTA in the background and ask us permission to install the updates. After Android 10, Google rolling out important security patch updates via Playstore. So, the process becomes comfortable. The updates not only have new features, but they also have fixed issues. So, update your mobile frequently.

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5. Reset Your Mobile

Factory Reset Android Mobile

If you follow all the methods and still face issues, you can Rest your mobile. Take complete backup on your mobile. You can do a soft reset or hard reset. To Rest your mobile, Go to settings> System>Reset Options> Reset app preferences/ Factory Reset.

  • Soft Reset/App Preference Reset– This option will remove all the custom settings we made and return to the default settings. It will not delete user data.
  • Hard Reset/Factory Reset– It will remove all user data. Your mobile OS will become new, like when you purchased. You have to set up everything from the beginning.

You can also use your mobile recovery to do the reset process. When you can’t boot into your Mobile OS.

5.1 Stock Recovery method

Samsung Galaxy A50s Stock Recovery

  • Switch off your device. Then, enter into the Stock Recovery mode. To do this- Press and hold down the Volume Up + Power buttons at the same time for some time. It will boot your mobile into Recovery mode.
  • If you didn’t use Rooted mobiles, most of the time, you have Stock Recovery, which is provided by your official mobile manufacturer. If you have stock recovery, you have the direct option as “Wipe Data/Factory Reset.” Navigate to this option and confirm it using the power key button. Remember, It will delete your entire mobile data. So, Backup first before the process.

5.2 TWRP Recovery method

When you use Rooted mobiles, you either use Stock Recovery or TWRP custom recovery. If you have Stock Recovery, you can use the above process. When you installed TWRP on your mobile, follow the steps below.

Wipe Data in TWRP

  • The Keycombinations will boot your mobile into TWRP Recovery mode.
  • On the Home screen, you can find the option as “Wipe.” Select the wipe option; you will receive further details. Select “Dalvik, Data, and Internal Storage.” Don’t select the System. It will wipe your OS. After selecting other choices, swipe to erase the data. When the process completes, return to home and boot into OS.

6. Diagnose apps using Safe Mode

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Safe Mode

Safe Mode allows us to disable third-party apps. When you didn’t face any issues in Safe Mode means, the problem for freezing is non-system apps. So, you have to find which app to remove. Start with the last installed app. You can boot your mobile into Safe Mode by Press power button and Volume Down button. The combination may vary depending on the manufacturer. Even in safe mode, if you face the problem, you have to try with other methods.

7. Disable apps using ADB

If you use Stock Android phones, most of the time, you can disable/remove the bloatware apps. But, If you are in Custom Skin OS, the chances of disabling the Bloatware apps are less. But, We can Disable the Apps using ADB without root. The methods may vary depending on the manufacturer. You have to find the particular Bloatware apps and disable them. I will give the overall idea about ADB steps and commands. But, the list of packages may vary depending on the manufacturers.

ADB Drivers Installation

  • Enable USB Debugging Mode and OEM Unlock; you’ll find these options at Settings >>> Developer options. If you didn’t see the developer options on your settings menu, then go to about >>> build number. Click on the “Build Number” row for about ten times regularly to activate “Developer Option” on your device.
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Samsung Galaxy USB debugging Allow

  • Connect your mobile with PC and unlock your mobile (Screen Lock).

ADB command Open

  • Open a command prompt as Administrator and type below command to check the ADB status.
  • adb devices
  • The above command will display some code for device detection. If you didn’t receive any response, Check with the USB Cable. If you get a response, move to the below commands.

Samsung Galaxy Internet Browser Disable Using ADB

  • You can disable the apps based on their adb package name. You can find these package names using the below command.
  • adb shell pm list packages
  • Based on the title, you can exclude unwanted apps. After that, use the am force-stop, and pm disables commands with the Application package name.
  • You can enter the commands one by one, Or All commands and Hit Enter.
  • am force-stop package name(e.g: com.sprint.w.installer)

      pm disable-user package name

8. Root your Mobile

I won’t recommend this way to all users. If you are a Developer or you have an old device, you can try this process. Root methods vary depending on the mobiles. You can refer to our Root category regarding this method. After Root, you can disable/remove the bloatware apps. It will work better than the ADB Method.

9. Flash and Use Custom ROMs

Screenshots of Pixel Experience ROM Android 10

If you are a regular user, you can use the ADB method or Root method. Custom ROMs are great. But, You should know whether you need this or not. If you are already using Stock Android and have limited hardware specs, you won’t expect much improvement. But, When you have Custom skin OS, and with reasonable specs, you can experience much growth. Always use official Custom ROMs. Un-Official versions may have bugs. Refer- Best Pie Custom ROMs.

10. Upgrade your mobile

Yes. When we do all the possible ways, but if you face still face the issues, it is time to upgrade your mobile. Old mobiles can’t survive for a lot of years. If you have Massive audience Flagship mobiles like Nexus and Pixel phones, you will get the updates from Developers from the Custom ROM. But, If you have a budget and Mid-Range mobiles, it may not give you speedy performance. You don’t have to buy $1000 flagship phones. Stock Android phones and 5G phones are available from $300. Purchase the latest version. So, that you can use that mobile with proper support for 3 Years.

Wrap Up

Digital devices always degraded in performance on regular usage. But, If we maintain them correctly, we can increase the lifetime with better performance. I covered a lot of methods to unfree your Android Mobile for a different set of users. You should find which methods fit you best. Beyond these methods, Don’t install any third-party apps other than Play Store. You should always stay updated with your installed apps also. If you properly work with the Mobile Software updates and Apps updates, you can maintain the same performance.

You don’t have to invest hours in doing this. All process is automatic; You can setup Auto-Updates in Play Store and Software updates. The Device update will not happen when you are using it. You can schedule the installation when you are not using your mobile. I hope I covered most of the possible ways. When you have further ideas and methods, you can comment below.

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