Google Duo may get Breakout Rooms, Broadcast and Record Meetings

Google is not good with Social platforms and Messaging services. The fact is that Google is constantly mixing with other medium and dropping the app or renaming it; it always confuses users. That’s why Google is not getting a leading Messenger service base or Social platform base. But, People always believe in Google for its security measures. That’s why official in enterprise-related people prefer Google Meet or Duo versions. Now, Google Duo may get Breakout Rooms, Broadcast, and Record Meetings. In the Beta version of Google Duo APK Tear Down, The Strings are mentioned.
Google Duo Group Calls

Some time ago, reports suggested that Google join Duo and Meet; however, it did not happen. Google has indeed shifted a significant portion of its attention towards the Meet application, offering it plenty of new features and updates over time. The Duo, however, hasn’t received the amount of interest. Despite that, it has recently reached the milestone of crossing 5 billion installations through the Play Store. Today, we’re discovering some new features which appear to be coming to Duo and Google since Google’s been in the process of bringing certain Meet features.

Google Duo Breakout Rooms feature

Google Duo Breakout Rooms

Google Duo recently picked up an update to version 159.0.425779378, and within the APK, we’ve discovered some new strings related to the Breakout room feature. Breakout rooms are the capability to separate people into smaller groups. This is a handy option when you are hosting large-scale meetings. For instance, teachers can utilize Breakout rooms in online classes to break students into smaller groups for group discussions, project work, or group discussions. Most video conferencing platforms, including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet, provide Breakout rooms. The Google Duo app will be the next to use this feature.

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Broadcast and Record Meetings

Google Duo Meeting Recording

In a constantly updating service, such as Duo, this could be pretty intriguing on its own; however, it appears that more features are being developed. The additional text strings included in the latest version refer to living streaming support and recording meetings.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders
Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders

Google Duo will show a stable message that reads, “This meeting is streaming and being recorded.” The app will display details about the person who started the stream.


The Google Duo Breakout Rooms and Meet Recording features are unavailable to all users. Google may rollout Breakroom features to all users. But, The Google Meet Recording may or may not come to stable public versions.

Wrap Up

To make any platform to success is depends on the unique features and updates. Since Google p[products depend on one another, Making the Messages platform successful is challenging. But, Since, Most people nowadays begin to use Video calls platforms as mandatory, Integrating the Video related platforms is a benefit for Google. Both Microsoft and Google missed getting giant users in video calls, and Zoom got the base. So, To get the new users, Google is planning to provide new features like Google Duo Breakout Rooms and Meet Recordings. What are your thoughts about these new upcoming features? Share your thoughts below.

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