Google TV Individual Profiles now officially available to all

Everybody can release customer-based products. But when it comes to software experience, Google always goes to the top. The simple and little things Google added to their platforms make it wonderful to use and make life simple. Since the competition is high in the Smart Tv industry, Google is not ready for good price TVs at this time. So, They launched Google TV with Chromecast, which allows you to convert your existing Smart TV or HDMI port Tv into Android TV with Google UI. Compared with other Android TVs, The options are great, and you can use lots of Stream Apps. Now, Google TV Individual Profiles are officially available to all. So, By choosing a different profile, The Setup of the Display, Apps, and other configurations will vary.
Google TV profile Selection in Sony Xperia TV

Google TV Individual Profiles official Roll-out

On Tuesday (May 24, 2022), Google announced its profiles are now roll-out on Google TV. As the name implies, the feature will allow all family members to have their area on the television. This lets Google TV provide personalized show and movie recommendations to each user. Every profile has its list of shows and movies, too. Since your profile is connected with Google and linked to your Google accounts, you’ll receive more specific answers from Google Assistant.

What are Google TV Chromecast Profiles?

Google TV Profile Official Rollout

To give the best experience on Android TV, Google TV debuted by combined with the latest Chromecast. At that time itself, it has the option to sign in with more than one Google account.

We can sign multiple family members in using a single Google TV device. There will be a personalized recommendation option on the top; the innovative TV operating system has offered it. However, if any user needs to add a new Google account, they will get the warning that says,” you won’t see the recommendation for those accounts on the Google TV home screen” maybe this changes soon.

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Even after installing the new update, the publication could not spot Google TV’s improved profile support live on our Chromecasts. Still, work is underway to give a better offer. The Primary account only decides the home screen and recommendation personalization, even if users use multiple accounts. By using Settings and then Accounts and Sign-in, users can manage their existing accounts.

Individual Profile on Google TV Features

The feature remains the same as the first time it was announced in the year before the feature lets users create a “personalized space” tied to every person’s Google account. When you log into your account, It will present movie suggestions for TV and movies based on your personal preferences, and you can access your list of shows and Assistants.

Google states that the downloaded apps and app logins will be shared across all profiles, meaning you won’t need to create everything entirely from scratch for each profile.

Google confirmed that most apps would not change their profile in line with the system. However, Google programs will. For instance, YouTube will use the Google account of the current Google TV user.


Profiles for Google TV are rolling out today, globally as of today, with “all users” able to gain access to the feature in “the “next few weeks.” All devices, including Chromecast and TCL TVs, are eligible for the part.

Wrap Up

Google already roll-out Kids Mode, which allows you to control the view contents from your Family Link App. For other persons who need personal experience and doesn’t affect others, The profile will be helpful in your Google TV because You may need different display settings for playing games and others. But, all of the other members in the family didn’t need high brightness or other settings. Did you get the Profiles update on your Google TV? Share your experience with the new profiles setup below.

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