TCL Android TVs with Google TV UI Coming Soon

Like Android Phones and Google Pixel, Google always has its two versions on most of the platforms. They give their best where they can have control of the device. The other version is for retail usage. Companies like Samsung and Xiaomi use the Android and put their custom skin and provide additional unique features. The same goes for Android TVs too. Most Android TV manufacturers use their own version of the UI, Which has Ads in most places. Google is planning to provide their exclusive Google TV UI in retail Android TVs too. The first one to get the taste is TCL. Yes, TCL Android TVs with Google TV UI Coming Soon.
TCL Android TV in the Living Room

Google released Chromecast with Android TV. Most of the users bought the device and converted their regular Smart TV into Android TV. Some users even use it on their Android TVs because they hate the UI.

TCL to use Google TV UI in their Upcoming Android TVs

Last October, Google introduced the Google TV with the Chromecast. The UI is limited to Google TV devices. But, Now Google is planning to roll out the Ui to more devices. TCL announced in CES 2021 that they are planning to use Google TV UI in their upcoming TVs. There is no confirmation whether TCL will use Google TV UI for its TVs or a few series. Now Vice President of Google TV and Google stream devices, Govil-Pai was excited to announce that the adoption of Google TV for some upcoming TCL TVs can expect the released in the upcoming months. Surely, this will be more competitive with Amazon Fire TV and Roku the retail sales.

About Old TCL Android TV UI

TCl Android TV Custom Old UI

Compare with other Android TV UI, TCL Custom UI is far better, and there are fewer Ads here and there. Xiaomi Patchwall is full of Ads. However, we may struggle to get what we want. The Old UI will look like a Stock Android with simple navigation and may lack additional features. You will get some suggestions based on your usage. But we can’t expect much customization like Google TV.

About Google TV UI

Google updated the new User Interface on the Chromecast with Google TV. The updated user interface has three new tabs on top of the screen, and the main Home tab has the shortcut to the ‘favorite apps,’ which is similar to the favorite app on Google TV and Amazon Firestick. With the latest Chromecast, Google TV is debuted by Six tabs for the users that include Live, Movies, Shows, Apps, and Library.

Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo
Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo

Kids Profile Enable Google TV Chromecast

The major upgrade in the Android user interface is the new Discover tab; based on your recommendation; you can personalize the trending content that you want from Google. Users also had sub-sections such as Favourite apps, Play Next, YouTube, and more. The Favourite apps having the downloaded apps in your smart TV.

There is a separate Google TV Kids screen and regular features, and you can control it from your family link app. Also, Google is working on individual profiles with customized options, and we can expect the rollout soon.

TCL TVs With Google TV UI

According to the recent interview with the Google executive, TCLs first Google TV models are arriving as soon. We have known something that TCL is preparing its first smart with the new Google TV software, but this is the official announcement about when those sets to reach the market. TCL is one of several TV manufacturers, and for the retail sales of the Roku-branded smart TVs, Roku has partnered with TCL in recent years.

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This week, the Vice President of Android TV and Google TV, Shalina Govil-Pai, spoke in an interview about the futures of Google TV and Google’s streaming TV plans and also specifically mentioned as TCL will be launching a Google TV Smart TV set within the next two months.

On the Android TV platform, the video streaming increased to the two-fold amount said by Govil-Pai. The main purpose of Google is to have its third-party Android partners and devices sold at retail sales needs shifted to Google TV; the whole OS needs to be centralized under Google TV.

Wrap Up

Google is planning to use their Google TV UI in upcoming retail Android TVs. Since most of the manufacturers use their own UI, It may not be useful for all. But companies who prefer Stock Android TV experience can get use Google TV UI. Chromecast with Google TV has lost support certification from Peacock, BBC, and more. So, Google TV UI users can get more content than other users. On the other hand, most of the stream services companies don’t support the non-certified TV stream. So, It is always the best idea to stick with the already certified products. Did you think TCL can get more users because of its new Google TV UI? Share your thoughts.

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