After HiSense now Xiaomi launched Amazon Fire TV-based Smart TVs

Native Fire TVs are not available that much compared with Android TV volume. You can convert any HDMI port TV into Amazon Fire TV using a Fire TV stick. But, Unlike Android TVs, Leading TV manufacturers don’t use Fire TV OS as a default platform in their devices. As per Google norms, Android TV partners should not use other media, especially Amazon Fire TV. Fire TV is forked on Android OS. Huawei HiSense, an Android TV partner, has already announced the Native Fire TV device. After HiSense, now Xiaomi launched Amazon Fire TV-based Smart TVs.
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Google Android TV’s terms and conditions for partners

A few years ago, sources revealed that the terms and conditions of Google’s services require ensuring that Android TV partners don’t make products compatible with using Amazon Fire TV. This is partly because Fire TV is built on the top of Android; however, it is an alternative variant of Android’s operating system. Similar requirements apply to Google’s smartphone partners that run Android as well. In the past, an employee from Google’s partner stated it was “completely exclusive” in the world of television.

Hisense Launched Fire TV

Hisense Smart TV (50U6HF) using the Amazon Fire TV platform costs $529 and will begin shipping after May 2022’s month. The 4K TV has a 50-inch display at 60Hz and comes with a robust overall design. The TV supports HDR as well as Dolby Vision as well as 4 HDMI ports, as well as an Amazon Alexa-compatible remote. Amazon Alexa.

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Xiaomi F2 Amazon Fire TV

Xiaomi Amaozn Fire TV Remote in hand

Xiaomi has announced the launch of its new Fire TV lineup, the “F2” series, which is only available in the United Kingdom. The new line of TVs is at the low part of the spectrum, offering 43, 50, and 55 inches options. Each model supports the 4K resolution, HDR10, and HDMI 2.1. You’ll also find a “frameless” design that has four HDMI ports, even on the most miniature model, and 60Hz refresh rates across all three. The ports will not be a huge hit, but they’ll do the job.

Available Models and Price

Xiaomi F2 43-inch – £339

Xiaomi F2 50-inch -£379

Xiaomi F2 55-inch – £424

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Xiaomi using Amazon Fire TV is not the best news for Google

Like the mobile industry, Xioami has a vast user base in Android TV. Compared with other TV companies, Xiaomi is a significant client for Android TV, especially in Asia regions. Eventhopiugh uses some custom skin on Android TV, allowing users to use the default UI. Instead of eliminating client partnerships, Google should find what they are lack with their partners or what they can do with the existing deals. HiSense losing may not have that much impact on Google, But Xiaomi does. 

Converting Fire TV to Android TV is not a big deal

Like you already use Fire TV in Android TV, You can convert your Fire TV Ato Android TV using MI TV Stick or Google Chromecast TV by spending $49. So for regular users, it is not that much of a big deal. But you may lose the native speed and experience with the high hardware setup. Add-on device’s hardware resources are not that speed like manufacturers’ setup.

Wrap Up

Did you prefer Fire TV over Android TV? For End-users, They won’t impact much since all the popular apps like Netflix, Youtube, and other stream services are available on Fire TV also. As an add-on benefit, You can use Fire TV as the central hub for your Smart Home devices. When a client like Xiaomi moves to Fire TV, there may be two reasons: they are not somewhat disappointed with some Google Terms or want to make new lineups and grab the other market. Since most UK users use Amazon Alexa Home-based products, It is easy for them to enter those markets. Besides this controversial subject, the Spec sin Xiaomi Fire TV impresses, and the cost is also low. Share your thoughts below.

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