OnePlus CEO Pete Lau officially confirmed Mid-Range Nord aka “Z” series

We all know OnePlus is going to release mid-range series mobiles. But the specs and names are keep changed regularly. When we get mobile specification leaks from trusted sources, Most of the time, it will become the exact specs of the mobile. But in the initial stage, OnePlus Mid-Range phone called OnePlus 8 Lite then OnePlus Z; Now, they are calling it as Nord. The name becomes official from the company leaks. Also, some of them told OnePlus is hoping to use MediaTek Dimensity 1000 processor. But that was also changed. OnePlus Nord is going to have Snapdragon 765G processors. Between these rumors, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau officially confirmed the Mid-Range Nord series. So, We are going to get a Mid-Range mobile series in July 2020. The initial release will be in India and Europe.OnePlus Nord Retail Box with Toys

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau officially confirmed Mid-Range Nord series

Every giant mobile manufacturer already realized mid-range mobile is the future. That’s why Google launched Pixel 3a. And Samsung launched affordable 5G phones. Some of the Leaks already tell us that OnePlus is also working on a new mid-series phone. Between all rumors are going. OnePlus CEO Pete Lau officially confirmed that they are going to release a new mid-range series in the OnePlus blog post and tweet. In the tweet, he posted a cyan-colored OnePlus logo with the description as Who is ready for something new from OnePlus? With the hashtag “New Beginnings.”

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau tweet about OnePlus Nord

Also, in the OnePlus forums blog post, he mentioned that they are going to launch a new and more affordable phone series. So, It clears doubts about whether it is a new TV series or not. It is a mid-range phone series.

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OnePlus CEO Pete Lau Blog Post about Nord

Also, there is an official Instagram account launched as “Onepluslitezthing.” They didn’t mention the real name of the series. Instead of that, they said both Lite and Z in the title. This Instagram page is linked from the official Pete Lau forum post.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders
Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders

onepluslitezthing Instagram Page

What about the “Nord” name?

The mid-range series predicted with names like Lite and Z. Both make sense. The “Z” is suitable for one letter as OnePlus follows a name like OnePlus 6,7. But OnePlus is planning for mid-range sequels in the upcoming year. So, Z2 or Z3 looks similar to the Sony Xperia series. Also, the lite version is already picked By Samsung Galaxy S10 lite and Note 10 lite. In the leak, the name Nord teased. Even if it looks like a word or codename, OnePlus Nord looks like a confident name. This time OnePlus may pick the Nord name.

OnePlus Nord name confirmed

OnePlus Nord confirmed Specs

Until now, the specs and Price of OnePlus Nord are in the rumored category. The survey confirmed most of the specs and the price range.

OnePlus Z Confirmed Specs and Price

  • OnePlus Nord will come with 6.55-inch AMOLED Center hole-punch display with 2400 x 1080 pixes and 90Hz Refresh rate.
  • Regarding power, It comes with 4300 mAh battery capacity and no wireless charging. It will support 30W fast charging.
  • No IP rating. It can be splash-proof.

Wrap Up

OnePlus become a successful company because they listened to what the user asks. They provide an excellent specs/price ratio that makes sense. But in recent years, They go to the same price as existing mobile companies. Last year Google shipped more mobile than OnePlus. It is because of the Pixel 3a release. Now OnePlus realized everything and want to get more users again. They want people to look at this mobile as a premium. Even if MediaTek Dimensity 1000 processor is great, Snapdragon mobiles are popular among the people. So, They did the improved work from the base and used the Snapdragon processor on this mobile.

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OnePlus Nord will help them to get more people. One thing still a mystery is a price. In the survey, it is mentioned as INR 24,990. It can be a starting model with minimum specs. The maximum specs differed only in RAM and ROM. So, it can range between INR 26,000-28,000. So, Within a $500 range, we can get a premium 5G mobile from OnePlus. What are your thoughts about OnePlus’ action in mid-series mobile? Did you prefer OnePlus Nord over other mobiles? Comment below.

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