Samsung Freestyle Smart Adaptive Projector released for $900

Plenty of reasons is available for the projectors not yet replacing the high size TVs. The main reason is resolution and the quality of projectors lacking even in modern technologies. Also, Even if companies try their best to give better quality, They can’t provide the same LED displays. When it comes to display-related technologies, No one can beat Samsung. Samsung released Freestyle Smart Adaptive Projector for $900 in the CES 2022. Compared with any other available projectors in the market, This Samsung projector is Smart and can adapt to any environment and situation.
Samsung Freestyle Smart Adaptive Projector

Participation of Samsung in the CES 2022

Samsung has its fingers in various product categories; it’s challenging to keep track of the multiple types, from mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, watches, and even more portable items such as appliances and televisions. While a TV could be content to sit at the back of your wall, projects can manage to bridge the gap between large screens and the ease of transportability. The CES 2022 event this year is the CES 2022; we’ll take a glance at the efforts of Samsung to expand the limits of what a “TV” can be with its latest Freestyle projector.

Samsung has announced various TV models and the Freestyle ahead of CES 2022. One of them was the most recent version that is The Frame. The company also updated its Neo QLED and MicroLED models, adding the gaming hub with access to cloud services and introducing the first remote that collects radio wave energy to charge.

Samsung Freestyle Smart Adaptive Projector Specifications

Samsung Freestyle Samsung Freestyle manages to pull off the role of an intelligent projector speaker, as well as an ambient lighting device while remaining relatively light (830 grams) in the process.

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The Freestyle uses an apron as a projector to solve specific issues that plague the typical portable projectors (like low-quality images) by offering a full HD resolution. The stand is cleverly designed to rotate around 180 degrees, providing exciting projection options. Samsung offers features such as fully automatic keystones, auto-leveling, and auto-focus to avoid distortion in the image regardless of the type of surface that you’re using walls, ceilings, or the floor. Furthermore, the Samsung Smart TV projector version has access to the same range of apps built into the TV.

It also functions as a speaker. The Freestyle comes with dual radiators and a 360-degree spread that Samsung claims will help provide the best sound quality. The device has a built-in microphone, and you can make voice commands to assistants.

Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo
Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo


Samsung also offers various accessories that can enhance the performance of the capabilities of devices. Lens caps produce ambient lighting. The base lets you screw the projector into an outlet for a light bulb. There’s also a waterproof case that We can use outdoors and a USB-C portable battery for projecting with no outlet.

External Battery

Although Samsung’s The Freestyle offers full HD resolution, it doesn’t have batteries inside the unit. You’ll need to purchase the USB-C portable battery for use with this projector with no plug. The company is yet to determine the brightness levels for The Freestyle or the pricing and availability of its various accessories, including an insulated base with batteries specifically designed for the projector.


You can Pre-Order Samsung Freestyle Smart Adaptive Projector for $899 or $18.75/mo for 48 months. When you Pre-Order, You can get the complimentary carrying case worth $59.99.

Wrap Up

Compared with any other projectors available now, the Samsung Freestyle projector is way ahead of anything. Since it has Autofocus and plenty of additional optimizations, It can give better quality up to 100-inch. Since it sticks with the Full HD resolution, You may not get the same rate when you increase the size. But, Instead of promising 4K resolution and ending off with boxy pixels, Sticking with the FHD and providing real-time quality is good. What are your thoughts about the new Samsung Freestyle Smart Adaptive Projector? Share your thoughts below.

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