Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 Price starts from $699 with 12-Hour Battery life

Some companies are good with software, and they may not be famous for their hardware. But when they meet good hardware, making company the product will become a success. The same is happening with Samsung Chromebooks. Even if Samsung always wants to wrap up their software with their customization, No one can complain about their hardware reliability. Samsung Galaxy Chromebook got better sales. Samsung soon to release Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2. Compare with the previous version, the price is reduced, and the device got better Battery backup.
Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 with S Pen Prototype

It seems that Samsung’s Galaxy Chromebook 2 will improve in terms of battery life and price as well, as shown in a leaked Samsung slide by WalkingCat on his Twitter account. If these slides to be believed, then-upcoming Chromebook 2 in February 2021 will be a hot-selling gadget.

The Speculated Specs of Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2

The leaked slides show some of the features of the Chromebook 2 that are:

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 Specs

Extended Battery Life

As revealed by the leaked slide, Samsung targets 12+ hours of battery life that is a lot more than the original Galaxy Chromebook. Samsung claimed for eight-hour battery life with one charge for its original Galaxy Chromebook, but it proved to be roughly 4 hours and 20 minutes in real usage. So, it’s a big change that is highly welcomed by the users.

Quantum Dot LED (QLED) Screen

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 Display

Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders
Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders

According to the leaked slide, Samsung claimed that Chromebook 2 would have the world’s first QLED screen panel. The original Galaxy Chromebook was equipped with 4K AMOLED for excellent picture quality. But AMOLED is a big burden on the battery, and it drastically consumes the battery that resulted in 4 to 5 hours of battery time in one charge.

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The reason for 13.3 inches QLED seems a cut down in cost price and extended battery life. Also, Samsung tried to match Chromebook 2 with its non-Chrome OS laptops released in 2020 with QLED screen panels. It also increases the color pitch and brightness of the screen

10th Generation i3 Processor

Another remarkable change that is obvious in this leaked slide is the processor step down from Core i5 to 10th Generation Core i3. The original Galaxy Chromebook was capable of handling more tasks with Core i5. The step down to Core i3 will not affect the browser-based users in Chrome OS but will definitely cut down the cost price. The interesting news is that the Core i3 10th Generation will be upgradable to 11th Generation Intel Processors in 2021.


The leaked slide shows the slim profile that weighs 2.75 pounds, slightly heavier than the original Galaxy Chromebook, which was only 2.2 pounds. This slight weight increase may be due to the heavy battery or by the QLED screen panel. Or possibly due to both of these reasons, it is half a pound heavier than its predecessor.

Sound and Fingerprint Scanner

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 Setup Fingerprint

The leaked slide ensures a sound louder, about 178%. The benchmark is yet unknown, so I cannot exactly understand it. It is also clear from the leaked slide that there is no Fingerprint Scanner on the Chromebook 2.


The super amazing leak is about the price of the upcoming Chromebook 2. It is speculated by the leak around $699 that is far less than the original Galaxy Chromebook of $999. The switching from AMOLED to QLED and stepping down the processor to Core i3 are the reasons for this meager price. It may also be the starting price, and you may find a high price for premium versions. This price step down shows that Samsung planned to capture the broader audience for its Chromebook this time.

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The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 will be available in February 2021. You can buy this budget Chromebook from Best Buy and

Wrap Up

Google is not famous in hardware like they do in the software category. So, there is always a welcome wave from People for products from Samsung. Compare with other OS devices, Chromebooks are affordable and available under $500. You must be very excited about buying this budget Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2, but you have to wait till February 2021. Till then, many things, including specs and price, will be officially announced by Samsung. Beyond the competitions, Even if they have successful lineups in the Windows series, Samsung always accepts the facts and sticks with the trend; that’s why Samsung is one of the industry’s successful companies. Do tell us your views in the comments when you get your hands on this budget-friendly Chromebook.

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