Samsung and Qualcomm made Long-Term Partnership until 2030, Confirming Exynos Detach

Using an in-house processor on their mobile is a fantastic moment in the long run. Also, It avoids chip shortage issues and Third-Party cost increases. Since Samsung has a vast user base, They begin to use their Exynos chips in their mobiles wherever possible. But they made a huge mistake. It is ok to compare different mobile companies with one another. But, Samsung made users compare the same models by using Exynos for Inytrenbaltional versions and Qualcomm for US mobiles. It creates dissatisfaction among users. Thus, they began a user campaign to use Snapdragon for all mobiles. Also, Compared with Snapdragon, Exynos is not up to mark. Rumors already suggest Samsung will slowly detach the Exynos in the future and begin to use Snapdragon processors. The recent agreement confirms it. Samsung and Qualcomm made 7 Years Long-Term Partnership until 2030.
Snapdragon processor Internal Elements

Samsung and Qualcomm Long-Term Partnership

Both companies released a joint press release stating that their long-standing partnership will be extended to 2030 and expanding its scope. The release mainly mentions growing their patent license agreement for 5G Network and future 6G tech. However, it also says a deal “To expand their collaboration with Snapdragon platforms in future premium Samsung Galaxy product development.”

Samsung Qualcomm Partnership 2023

Flagship phones with Qualcomm Snapdragon processor

Although the statement does not specify whether all premium Samsung smartphones will use Snapdragon, it is consistent with other rumors. Qualcomm’s CEO Cristiano Amon has confirmed that we should expect to see more Snapdragon-powered Galaxy S23s next year.

He stated that Qualcomm chips will power Samsung’s flagships next year and could potentially phase out Exynos models. Although the Samsung Galaxy S22 has used Snapdragon in place of Samsung’s in-house chip in more markets than usual (75%), Mr. Amon said that that number would grow exponentially next.

Official Statement on Qualcomm Partnership

These agreements result from our long-standing strategic partnership,” said Dr. TM Roh, Head of MX Business at Samsung Electronics, stating that we work closely with Qualcomm to improve the mobile industry and enhance users’ experiences on future Samsung Galaxy smartphones. “Qualcomm has been a critical player in the advancement of the mobile industry through its innovative technology. This collaboration between Samsung Electronics and Qualcomm dates back many years.

Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo
Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo

Exynos Chip Manufacturing Continue

The company dispelled rumors that Exynos would be discontinued entirely during its Q2 2022 conference calls. Samsung explained that it is reorganizing its system-on-chip business model and is pursuing a plan to strengthen its mid-to-long term competitiveness.

Samsung will use Exynos to make mid-range mobiles.

Samsung is developing its custom silicon in 2025. We can guess that Samsung will continue to create mid-range Exynos chips between 2023 and 2024 while using Snapdragon on its flagships. Then, it will release its unique chip.

Wrap Up

Samsung made a good decision. Most companies use MediaTek and another processor in their mid-range lineups to compensate for the competitive price. But when it comes to Flagship mobiles range, They don’t take risks and always prefer Qualcomm chips. Samsung uses Exynos for the International version, which pays higher than US users and receives poor performance, which is unreasonable. I hope Samsung will not repeat the same mistake twice. Because Samsung is always famous for its adaptation to user trends, and that is how Samsung become a successful company in the long run. What are your thoughts about Samsung and Qualcomm’s Long-Term partnership agreement? Share it below.

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