Soon Samsung SmartThings will work with Google Nest devices

Samsung Bixby is not performed well as Samsung expected, Due to user wish for other smart Assistants. The success of Samsung is they always adapt to the current trend. The same goes for the Bixby too. Samsung begins to use Google Assistant in Galaxy mobiles and Alexa in some of its Samsung SmartThings products. In recent days Samsung begins to do a lot of tie-up projects with Google. Now Samsung assured SmartThings would work with Google Nest devices soon. The Samsung SmartThings includes plug and bulbs, but it also has huge lists of home appliances like TVs, refrigerators, etc.
Samsung SmartThings Bulb Plug on the Table

SmartThings, one of the largest IoT Ecosystems, declared a partnership with tech giant Google to integrate Nest products into SmartThings. The Google Nest products like cameras, thermostats, and doorbells will get the WWST certification (Works With SmartThings) after this integration. This certification will allow you to control your Nest products with the SmartThings app.

What does Samsung SmartThings integration mean to Google Nest?

SmartThing is a pioneer in IoT (Internet of Things) with over 180 certified brands and 63 million active users enjoying the SmartThings innovations. It provides an open platform for devices, services, and developers to integrate with one of the biggest Ecosystems. It facilitates its users with a cross-platform experience with its largest integrated ecosystems.

With this integration, SmartThings users will view live-view from their Nest cameras, adjust the Nest thermostat, and welcome the visitors with Nest hello doorbells. The SmartThings users will also be able to use their WWST products with Nest devices, having a joyful experience controlling their WWST devices with voice commands.

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How will users get the benefit from Samsung SmartThings and Google Nest Integration?

The integration of SmartThings with Google Nest will yield endless possibilities for improving everyday life. With this new automation, the devices will interact with each other without your interventions. The thermostat will signal to the heating device to adjust the room temperature. We can set a suitable temperature for a baby nap or when you have your pet alone in the house. You can also turn on the lights when approaching a home or adjust the room temperature before entering the home.

Google Nest Assistant working with Samsung SmartThings

Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders
Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders

You can now control the Samsung fridge with voice commands and stream the outdoor cameras on Samsung TV. With Google Assistant integration with SmartThing devices, you can control Samsung devices in more than half a dozen languages that you couldn’t before this integration. Now you can have all your connected smart devices on your Galaxy smartphone screen, all in one screen.

Future Plans

SmartThings also signed a partnership with Mercedes-Benz before integration with Google Nest. This IoT integration with Mercedes-Benz will also provide a platform for Nest devices. The SmartThings partnerships with these tech giants show its commitments to innovations and create a universal smart home standard.

The company plans to simplify the smart things technology for manufacturers and increase the compatibility for users. So, you won’t need to look for different apps to control smart things manufactured by different vendors.


From January 2021, Google Nest will get access to over 180 brands with WWST certifications, and SmartThings users will be able to use the Nest commands to control their devices.

Wrap Up

Samsung begins to adapt to Google Products. Recently they agreed to use Google Assistant in Galaxy mobiles instead of Bixby. The linkage of Samsung devices with Google Assistant and controlling the all-smart devices with the Galaxy smartphone shows that both companies are determined to simplify smart home use and compatible with more users. Also, Samsung plans to bring Alexa and Google Assistant to its Smart TVs. This cross-band-compatibility is somewhat late, but it will mean easiness and more compatibility for users. Do you have some Samsung SmartThings devices? Do tell us your views in the comments when you get your hands-on Nest to control your SmartThings devices.

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