Hereafter you can Stream your Stadia Games directly to YouTube

When every gaming platform available in the world offers direct YouTube streaming, Stadia, the Google Platform, didn’t have the option for a while. Users often request this feature to stream Stadia games to the community. Google said that they are working on this kind o features and expert the roll out soon. As per their promise, they rolled out the new feature. Hereafter you can Stream your Stadia Games directly to YouTube. When both the stream and Stadia accounts are the same, you don’t have to set up many steps. But when you have different accounts, You should separately allow Stadia to stream in your YouTube account.
Google Stadia Cyberpunk 2077 YouTube Stream

Google roll out the most awaited feature on Stadia, the streaming gameplay. Now you can Live Stream your Stadia Games to your YouTube Channel and share your live gameplay and live commentary with your friends all over the world. Moreover, after the Live Stream, you can access your Stream video from the YouTube Channel and share its statistics with your friends.

Stream your Stadia Games directly to YouTube

There was a coming soon banner under the Live Stream option for a long time. And the Stadia users were waiting for this feature to show their gameplay to their friends and people worldwide. Stadia’s streaming ability allows the users to stream the 4K resolution game with 60 FPS on their YouTube Channel and let their viewers and subscribers enjoy their gameplay. You can play up to 1440p resolution Stadia games in Google Chrome.

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YouTube Stream Option for Google Stadia

It is a great chance for game developers to advertise and market their games instead of spending many advertisements. There are some additional features that you can use while streaming your Stadia Games to the YouTube Channel.

Crowd Choice

With the Crowd Choice option, you can create polls about your streaming game. You can set the poll questions to allow the subscribers to interact with you. These questionnaires and the answers will be inside the chat box beside the Live Stream.

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Crowd Play

With Crowd Play, you can Live to Stream your game and invite your subscribers to play with you. There is a Multiplayer Lobby where the subscriber who wants to play wait to play with the creator. You can find the Crowd Play button below the chatbox.

While streaming, you have four options for the audio settings, which are:

YouTube and Game Chat

It streams the game audio, your voice, and the in-chat voice of anyone playing the game.

YouTube Only

It restricts the audio to game voice and only your voice.

Party Chats Only

It streams the chat between the players and no audio for the streaming game.

No One

It streams the game audio only; no other voice.

How to Start Live Streaming Your Stadia Game to the YouTube Channel?

Live Streaming is a web-based feature, so you need a computer with Google Chrome installed, a Stadia Account, a YouTube Channel, and a Stadia-compatible Controller, or you can use a mouse and keyboard. You can also use eligible supporting controllers for controlling Stadia Games.

Google Stadia YouTube Live Stream Setup

  • On, sign in to your Stadia Account.
  • Tap Stadia Avatar
  • Tap Settings and select YouTube.
  • Now link your YouTube Channel with Stadia. If you don’t have one, you can create one by following the on-screen instructions.
  • Now on Stadia’s main screen, launch the game you want to stream.
  • Tap the Stadia menu and select Live Stream.
  • Select Stream directly to YouTube.
  • Choose whether this Stream is intended for the age group or not.
  • If you select the intended age group, you cannot use the enhanced feature of Crowd Choice or Crowd Play.
  • Select the title for your Live Stream.
  • Choose the privacy and audio settings for the Stream.
  • Click Live Stream.
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Your Live Stream is active, and you can see the word “LIVE” at the top of the Stadia menu in the red bar. Notably, you can link only one YouTube channel to your Stadia Account while streaming. The viewers won’t see your Stadia menus or on-screen notifications while viewing your Live Stream from Stadia.

Wrap Up

Google always treating Stadia as a serious platform. That’s why they hired God of War Head Shannon Studstill for LA Stadia Studio. Google rolls out this new YouTube stream feature at the right time as Cyberpunk 2077 has released two days earlier. Cyberpunk 2077 is a massive game that requires a high-end graphic PC that is very costly to buy a PC setup or Console. But you can let your friends and subscribers enjoy the stunning gameplay of Cyberpunk 2077 in Stadia by streaming on YouTube. Compare with other physical consoles, Cyberpunk 2077 working better in Google Stadia. Do tell us in the comments about how your friends and subscribers enjoy the Live Streaming of your Stadia Games.

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