Timed Emoji on YouTube available for Some Channels on Android and iOS

Removal of the Dislike button from YouTube affects the video quality bias from the user’s perspective. But, In Reality, most of the time, Some videos are getting reason attacks, and most of the groups purposely attack some channels and affect the videos. So, From the Creator’s perspective, it is helping them. So, there is a mix of views on the dislike removal. As an alternative to the dislike, YouTube already promised they would rollout Timely Emoji reactions to help understand what timing is good and not good in the video. Compared with the primary dislike button, The timed emoji may help creators better understand their videos and user pulse. Now, Timed Emoji on YouTube is available for Some Channels on Android and iOS.
YouTube Play Timing in Tablets

Removal of Dislike Button

Removal of the button to dislike eliminated the bias and judgment of what good or bad is the video’s content. Google’s latest experiment on the platform was an innovative way to express our thoughts about videos. We ate it up. In the past few months, YouTube had announced that timed emoji reactions to videos were being tested, and now it seems like they’re beginning to be available to more users.

Timed Emoji in YouTube in Android and iOS App

YouTube Timed Emoji Reactions

Based on 9to5Google, a brand new floating panel is beginning to appear in the comments section on video content on SoundCloud. This panel has at least five emoji responses that, when tapped to reveal them, appear at the current position of the progress bar for the video with a smooth little animation. Think about them like the recently released Emoji reactions on WhatsApp mingled with the time-specific responses SoundCloud provides. The reactions are entirely anonymous, but other users won’t be able to tell that you’ve got them.

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At the moment, it’s not known how widespread the option is, but it starts with a floating panel displayed when expanding the comments section on selected videos within the app. This floating panel can suggest up to four emojis that, when tapped, be displayed on the playback timeline’s progress with a note of the specific reaction utilized by viewers. In the official announcement, Google showed up to eight Emojis.

What is Timed Emoji on YouTube?

YouTube Timed Reactions in Android App

However, no personal data from the users of the reactions are shared. The emoji will be displayed, and a counter shows the number of times it’s been utilized right on the video playback timeline. YouTube originally stated that the animated emojis are timed and will change based on the YouTube video’s content and the reaction of viewers.


They reported the feature in YouTube App v17.19.34; however, this may not be the case for everyone in this new build. Emojis that are timed are only available to only a “small number of channels to start,” therefore, you might not see this feature in all of your subscriptions. YouTube provided a glimpse of this life; however, users are starting to gain access to it on iOS and Android.


YouTube creators who have videos selected for this study must have timed emoji reactions turned on to be displayed. However, this doesn’t mean that you’ll get the option to view videos. Creators may remove the feature; first, YouTube selected it to use this function. We’ve seen the option on some videos, like this video of The Sidemen or Phoenix SC.

Wrap Up

When platform curators can’t control the misleading users, The platform can’t survive, and it can even destroy the platform in the long run. Since Alternatives are slowly emerging for YouTube, Google has to heighten its hand in targeting misled users. The Timed YouTube helps creators better understand why users like their videos and why not. If users do not like a particular time, creators can improve their content in their following videos. When most people love the videos, they can continue their work as it is. Did you use Timed Emoji in your YouTube App? Share your experience below.

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