Now You can showcase your NFTs in Facebook and Instagram Meta Platforms

Like digital currencies, NFTs are slowly evolving. People begin to share the NFTs among themselves and showcase them with others. Since it is a showcase object, It is a wise idea that Meta adapts the NFTs showcase on their Facebook and Instagram platforms. It will be helpful, and in the future, they may start a marketplace where we can sell or buy NFTs. There is already a Facebook marketplace that helps sellers to promote their products. But it doesn’t support direct payments and shipping. In the future, we can see some improvements in NFTs. Since the Meta world is a VR and you can use the NFTs there, Meta wants to make a connection with all other available platforms.
Facebook Instagram NFT showcase in mobile

NFTs in Facebook and Instagram Meta Platforms

Meta announced it would introduce NFTs to its social media platforms (Facebook and Instagram). The company posted an update to its blog that announced that they have started allowing users to post digital collectibles (or, in other words, non-fungible tokens) across Facebook and Instagram. Facebook explained in a blog post that “This will allow people to connect to their digital wallets once, to both apps to share digital collectibles across both,” said.

Meta Official Tweet about NFTs

Official Statement

The company stated that the update was “continuing to roll out digital collectibles via Facebook and Instagram, and we’ve begun giving people the ability to post-digital collectibles they own across both Facebook and Instagram.” This will allow people to link their digital wallets to both apps and share their digital collectibles.

Facebook Instagram Meta NFT Showcase

Meta has made steady progress in introducing NFTs to its social media platforms. In March, Mark Zuckerberg, Meta founder, announced that NFTs would be coming to Instagram. He said, “We are working to bring NFTs onto Instagram shortly.” Adam Mosseri made a similar statement in December last year, stating that the company was actively looking at ways to introduce digital collectibles onto its platform.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders
Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders


The limitation is that digital wallets can only be connected to Facebook and Instagram via the apps, not third-party browsers. An increase in NFTs on every smartphone with one of Meta’s social media applications installed could lead to increased earnings and adoption. They have filed patent applications with the United States Patent and Trademark Office to create a platform called “Meta Pay,” a social media and technology giant.

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The company also recently announced that NFTs had been launched to approximately 100 countries in Africa and Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, and the Americas.

The company is now rolling out the same functionality to Facebook. Although it is not clear if this functionality, which will allow for NFTs via Facebook, will be available in the same geopolitical areas as Instagram, it is possible.

Wrap Up

Since Metaverse will be a big business opportunity platform, All the famous companies like Nike have already begun to sell Sneaker NFTs. It is a different platform with enormous opportunities for sellers. The new NFTs on Facebook and Instagram allow individual creators to sell their products with trust. Still, now, most people don’t believe in other third-party platforms. What are your thoughts about the NFTS showcase on Facebook and Instagram? Share your thoughts below.

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