Chromecast Vs. Chromecast with Google TV- Differences

After Smart TV launched, it changed how e are watching Media content on our TV. We don’t have to watch what TV channels are showing us. We can catch any content at any time. This avoided the violent act of Tolerate. But Not all Smart TVs are brilliant. Unlike Android TVs, Regular Smart TVs lack lots of features. Before Google released Chromecast with Google TV, They released regular Chromecast, which is helpful for Stream services and not as a fully standalone device. Google already replaced everyday Chromecast devices with Google TV, But when you are still looking for Chromecast devices, you should know the difference between Chromecast Vs. Chromecast with Google TV.
Chromecast Ultra and Google TV Dongles in Table

What is Chromecast?

Google Chromecast devices let you stream your favorite shows to a bigger screen, such as a TV or projector. The streaming players plug into your TV’s HDMI port. They are hidden from view and stream over Wi-Fi. It cannot be used as a standalone device. It is a Stream Device, meaning you will need a source device to control media content.

Chromecast in Hand

What is Chromecast with Google TV?

Google TV is the personalized, new experience that Google TV brings to smart TVs and streaming devices made by top brands. Google TV runs on Android, an operating system that powers the underlying technology. While some smart TVs and streaming devices run Android TV OS, they do not have the Google TV interface. These devices are known as Android TV devices.

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Chromecast with Google TV can be used as a standalone device with RAM and ROM. It can transform your Smart TV into an Android OS-based Google UI TV. This means that you can use any compatible Android app, including streaming.

Chromecast does not have any apps. Google TV can run both apps and games.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders
Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders

Chromecast with Google TV on Sofa

Chromecast: Where can we use it?

You can use your smartphone, tablet, or computer to access the remote. It’s not a screen you can navigate, but it is a blank canvas ready for content to be received from another device.

Tap or click the Cast icon within a mobile app or the Chrome browser. The list of devices you can cast will appear, including your Chromecast. You can’t use Chromecast regular devices if the cast option isn’t available in your browser or app.

Chromecast with Google TV: Where can we use it?

The Google TV dongle can convert any TV (or Smart TV) into Android TV. You can transform your TV into Android for a fraction of the cost. To use Android TV content, you don’t need to buy a Smart TV worth $500+.

Comparison of Features – Chromecast vs. Chromecast With Google TV

Built-In SmartTV

Devices with built-in intelligent TV (such as Android TV and webOS) can access popular streaming apps without connecting or purchasing a separate smart TV device. While Chromecast does not have Built-In smart TVs, regular Chromecast does.

Winner- Chromecast with Google TV.

Dolby Vision-capable display

Dolby Vision is an HDR format with greater color depth and brightness than HDR10/HDR10+. Dynamic metadata allows each frame to have its settings for brightness, contrast, colors, and colors. This results in lifelike images.

Winner- Both.

HDR10+ Support

The display supports HDR10+ video technology. HDR10+ uses dynamic metadata to allow each frame to have its settings for brightness, contrast, and colors. This results in images that look like real life.

Winner- Both.

Voice commands

You can control the essential functions of your device using your voice. Google Assistant makes it easy to access your device without pushing buttons.

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Winner- Chromecast with Google TV.

Physical Remote

The remote is used to control the contents of your device easily. A remote is an advantage, even though the buttons are not functional. The Chromecast does not have a separate remote. Your Stream device must be used as a remote.

Winner- Chromecast with Google TV.

Dolby Audio

Dolby Audio refers to various technologies that employ advanced audio formatting and processing to provide crystal clear surround sound, increased volume, and automatic volume control. Audio, Dolby Digital, Digital Plus, and TrueHD are all included.

Winner- Both.

Dolby Digital

Dolby Digital can be used to deliver six audio channels (sides) for better sound quality.

Winner- Both.

Chromecast Integrated

Chromecast’s technology integrates with smartphones, tablets, and laptops to allow users to stream media and apps directly to their Chromecast-enabled devices.

Winner- Both.

Output resolution

The resolution is the number of pixels in an image. This is an indicator of image quality. Higher resolutions provide sharper and more detailed photos. Chromecast Ultra can stream up to 4K, and Chromecast HD can stream up to 1080p. Chromecast with Google TV can stream up to 4K.

Winner- Both.

Rate of Refresh

The frequency at which your screen is refreshed. Both devices support 60Hz. A higher frequency means less flickering (less noise) and better representation of movement in action-intense scenes.

Winner- Both.


Random-access memory (RAM), a volatile memory, is used to store machine code and working data. It’s a temporary, quick-access virtual storage that can easily be read and modified in any order. This allows for fast data processing. Chromecast devices do not have internal RAM. Google TV comes with 2GB RAM.

Winner- Chromecast with Google TV.

Internal Storage

Internal storage is the amount available in a device to store system data, apps, and user information. You can store more files and apps on your phone with a lot of internal storage. Google Chromecast devices do not have internal storage. Google TV has 8GB of Internal storage.

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Winner- Chromecast with Google TV.

Price Comparison

Chromecast with Google TV Price Compare

Both devices have two variants- Regular and 4K versions.

Chromecast Device cost- $29 for 1080p version and $49 for Ultra version. The price is for the official Google version. There are third-party devices available in the market for low prices.

Chromecast with Google TV cost- $29 for 1080p version and $49 for 4K Google TV version.

Which is suitable for you?

Regular Chromecast is not available officially now. They end the sale of the product. Even though you have Android Tv and want Chromecast only for using Built-In Chromecast features, I advise you to go for the Google TV. Compared with traditional Android TV, Google TV UI is way better and has many features. Also, It has fewer features compared with Google TV.

Wrap Up

You may clearly understand the difference between Chromecast and Chromecast with Google TV. But when you don’t want to confuse your regular Android Tv with Google TV and only need Chromecast Built-In for some reason, you can choose the Chromecast device. The official Google version is not available in lots of Online stores. You can buy third-party devices. But before buying, you should check the trust and reviews. As I suggested above, Always go for Google TV.

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