Apple surveys asking users what they are doing with the iPhone charger

Some rumors are going that iPhone 12 series may not comes with an in-box charger and headphones.  It looks like it can be real. Some of the trusted insiders also told there might be a chance it can happen. In-Between this news, recently, Apple surveys asking users what they are doing with the charger with some options to answer. Unlike Android phones, Most of the iPhone users who are buying iPhones every year have a fast charger. The in-Box charger and the wired headphones always go as a waste. When you purchase Android mobiles, each time you will be provided with a different charger. One Mobile manufacturer charger may not compatible with other mobiles. But, iPhones are not like that. Fast and Wireless chargers are compatible with most of the phones.
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Obtaining customer feedback is ‘the best’ way to improve any product or service. Like other tech giants, Apple surveys its customer about all its product from time to time. In light of the survey results, Apple updates its products and services. The recent Apple survey, which is not yet received by all the customers, users are asked about the usage of the power adopter they got with the last iPhone. This survey is ongoing, and no poll result has been shared by Apple, yet.

Rumors that came along with “What users are doing with the charger” Apple surveys

The main highlight of this survey is none other than the question about the iPhone x charger. This specific question in the study has germinated many rumors in the market. One of the most spreading stories is that Apple is not shipping USB charger and EarPods with iPhone 12, which is scheduled to launch in September 2020.

Asking users what they are doing with the charger Apple surveys

The survey is asking users how they are using the Old chargers and mention them in the provided options. The review has the following choices. Based on the region, the alternatives may vary. I try to cover all the answers.

  • Sold it or traded it in with the ‌iPhone‌
  • I am still using it at home.
  • I’ve lost
  • Gave it to a family member or friend
  • Recycled it
  • Lost or misplaced it
  • No longer working or not working well.
  • Still using it outside of my home (e.g., work, school, other location)
  • Still have it, but don’t use it.

Another rumor supporting the previous one is that Apple will sell its new 20-watt fast charging adaptor as a separate accessory as usual with a regular charger. Android mobiles are trading with a 30-watt charger. This 20-watt charger is an update of the 18-watt charger, which was shipped with iPhone 11 pro and iPad pro and sold as a separate accessory.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders
Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders

Rumor of no charger and headphones with the iPhone 12 may be real

While it is devastating already, several facts support the rumor of the charger being sold separately from the iPhone 12. Some events are scrutinized below.

1. Fast charging

In recent times, the demand for fast charging adopters has arisen. The 5-watt charger shipped with the iPhone doesn’t fulfill the requirement. Fast charging adopter has a lot of selling potential as a sperate accessory.

2. Prior Availability

Most of the users who buy iPhones already have Fast chargers or Wireless. So, they can purchase a charger if they want to and get a sale discount with a new iPhone without a charger.

3. Wireless charging

As Apple’s wireless charging ability has never been up to the mark, work is going on to improve it. So, there may be chances of a new wireless technology launch by Apple.

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4. Shipping charges

iPhone 12 packing without power charger and earbuds will make it slimmer and more delicate. With a smaller packaging, the aggregated shipping price from the warehouse shall see a definite downturn.

5. Transition to a Port-less phone

As Apple plans for totally port-less phones in the coming years, it may be a step to let customers get used to the inevitable upcoming transition. Prior, Apple introduced the iPhone 11 without sound port, which was a surprise for Apple customers. Maybe this time, Apple unveils a no-charger surprise to its iPhone 12 customers.

6. Low price

We can’t expect much reduction in the price. But when they not including any accessory, there may be a low price. Apple is nowadays making a lot of price reduction. You can notice this in iPhone XR and iPhone SE2.

7. E-waste

Apple always talks about the environmental effect and how they are compensating with its alternative works. Every phone or smart device usually comes with an in-box charger. Last year, more than 1.5 billion smartphones were shipped, other than the number of laptops, tablets, or other smart devices. Including all these, 4 billion chargers were shipped last year. A report says, these in-box chargers generate over 300,000 tons of e-waste. iPhone 12 without a charger will reduce this massive e-waste.

Yet these are all rumors, and no final announcement has been made by Apple yet. In the recent WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference), there was no discussion about it. To eliminate a vital accessory, Apple must take all its users in confidence.

A better option might be offering the users to choose between an iPhone with or without a charger coupled with different prices.

Wrap up

Nowadays, Apple is doing a lot of users like things. They are listening to us and make Price reductions, Hardware, and Software changes. They also released iPhone SE2 as per the user’s request. The scheduled launching date of the iPhone 12 is very close, just two months to go, and a lot of rumors have taken the market by a blow. iPhone 12 will get a delay due to Network card production delay. The chargers may depend on other production sectors. So, the iPhone doesn’t want to make further delays in the phone launch. It can be one of the reasons for no chargers. The potential iPhone users might want to rush to the markets to buy a new charger for iPhone 12. Do you have an iPhone compatible charger already, or are you planning to buy one for yourself? Do tell us in the comments below.

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