Google extends Unlimited free calls in Meet until 2021

None of the companies can give you unlimited free resources for free. They should have limited free plans and alternate paid plans. Even if you can access most of the Google apps for free, they have limitations in usage like storage limit. After Google released Meet for public use, They give unlimited access to everyone. There is no time limit. But Google can’t run without profits. So, They mentioned they would limit the daily usage in Meet for 60 minutes in upcoming days. But after user feedback and the current situation, Google decides to extend Unlimited free calls in Meet until 2021. Yes, there is no limit on Google Meet. Compare with other video conference solutions; Google Meet is reliable and flexible with a lot of features.
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On September 30, 2020, as a sign of commitment to users, Google announced extending the free call up to 24 hours in the Meet free version till March 31, 2021, for all Gmail account holders.  Earlier it was supposed to end on September 30, 2020.

When did Google announce 60 minutes Restriction in Meet?

Earlier this year, when the situation changed globally, streaming videos got the ultimate popularity. The world’s biggest video conferencing app, Zoom, boosted daily users from 10 million to 200 million per day. Looking at this boost, Google launched its video conferencing app Google Meet and announced its premium feature free for all users in this march 2020. These premium features include a meeting with up to 250 persons, live streaming your video broadcast up to 100,000 people, and the ability to record your video on Google drive. Even if Zoom has a vast user base, it is struggling with some security measures. Recently as an add-on security feature, they introduced End-to-End Encryption to their users.

What are 60 Minutes Call Restriction?

Google Meet was an exclusive platform for G-suite users, and it was a paid premium service. Later Google made it free for all users, both G-suite and free users. Using this free feature, every user can host a meeting with up to 250 participants for 24 hours. Every free user was enjoying the video streaming and could store its video on Google drive. When users wanted the Google Meet premium feature for free, Google announced that it would enforce a 60 minutes call restriction after September 30, 2020.

Why Google Extended, the Free Unlimited, calls in Meet?

After the Google announcement of 60 minutes call restriction, it was observed that the company is not going to extend it anymore. As there is a holiday session coming, there will be minimal traveling this time cause of the current conditions. Many events are now streaming instead of personal gatherings. Even weddings are streaming live instead of holding in wedding halls. Looking at all these aspects and how much people rely on Meet to stay in touch, a day before the limit ends, Google decides to extend its free video conferencing calls in Meet till March 31, 2021.

Google Meet Unlimited Calls Upto 2021 Offical News

Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo
Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo

The extend of the Google Meet unlimited calls will be a blessing for many Meet users who can not travel to meet their loved ones physically. Especially in the coming events of charismas and new year’s ceremony, people will get a great advantage of google Meet to celebrate their affairs with their loved ones. Google already rolled out the Meet in the Gmail app, becoming an essential video conference solution.

What will users Get from Google Meet until March 2021?

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With this extension in 60 minutes call restriction, people will enjoy the 24 hours free video call facility till March next year. Also, Google has added tons of new features that make Google Meet a fun place and a productive platform. Now you can cast your Google Meet call to your Android TV to see your family on a big screen. You can use the Nest hub for voice control over your meeting with your friends and family. With the background blur feature, you don’t have to worry about the messy room you are hosting your gathering. The newly added feature can let you see 49 participants, including you, on one big screen simultaneously. And you can use Google whiteboard to write the scoring while watching a live match with your friends. All these features will be available to every free user till march 2021.

Wrap up

Even if Facebook announced Messenger with Upto 50 People support, People would always trust the platform for their trusted apps and brand. Compare with other companies; Google has a reputation among users. Video conferencing has become the most demanding aspect of daily life these days. That’s why Skype announced we could make calls without account and app. Google Meet is a great addition to video conferencing tools. More people will use it more; they will get familiar with the Meets feature. In return, it will enhance the Meets user circle. This extension until March 2021 will be beneficial for millions of Meet users. Are you one of the beneficiaries of this extension? Do tell us in the comments below.

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