Google Wear OS 3 getting Smart Watch Devices List

Like Android OS varieties in mobiles, Wearables also have a few custom UI from the Manufacturer.  But like Stock Android UI is popular in Android OS, Wear OS is popular and loved by most Wearable users. That’s why top brand Smartwatch manufacturers like Fossil and TicWatch prefer Google’s Wear OS. Now Google released a bunch of devices list that supports Wear OS 3. Also, Mobvoi guarantees upcoming Smartwatches will come with Wear OS 3 out of the box. We listed all supporting Old devices that will get Wear OS 3 and the Upcoming series with Wear OS 3 version.
Google Wear OS 3 getting Devices List

We’ve followed Google updates back and forth all the time. Currently, the latest update from Google is Wear OS 3. Well, this time, it’s not just Google that developed this Operating System for smartwatches; Samsung allied with the tech giant to produce a unified version of Google’s native “Wear” OS for smart wearables.

If you could recall, during the Google I/O 2021 event, the tech giant made hints of launching a new Wear platform. Yes, it did, but in collaboration with Samsung, and the name of this new platform is Wear OS 3. We’d see this unified operating system on the new watch of Samsung that will be launch on August 11.

Google Wear OS 3.0

Wear OS 3 is a unified operating system for smart wearables, built by joint contributions of Google and Samsung. The new OS is poised to be a better version of the existing “Wear” platform, solely developed by Google.

Wear OS 3 Features Highlights

In the news release to clarify Wear OS 3, Google said, “User experience is a top priority for us, and we are excited about the interest we’ve received on Wear OS 3, the new unified platform.”

Simply put, Wear OS 3 is the new generation of Google’s Wear OS platform. This new version comes with a lot of new features and upgrades from the previous generation. Interestingly, some smartwatches would get this new version of Wear OS via OTA updates.

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However, if your smartwatch runs an older version of Wear OS, upgrading to this unified version will take your device back to its original state. That is to say, upgrading to Wear OS 3 will “factory reset” your smartwatch, and you’d have to start re-configuring and customize the watch afresh.

“The extent of changes brought to Wear OS 3 will also require you to upgrade and reset your smartwatch to the way it was when you first got it (“factory settings”).” But Google will make the process smooth with no loss of data.

Which Smartwatches will Support Wear OS 3?

As expected, the upgrade to Wear OS 3 is not for all smartwatches. Instead, Google is pushing the upgrade “on an opt-in basis for eligible devices.” In the meantime, here is a list of devices that are eligible to run this unified OS from Google and Samsung.

  • Mobvoi’s TicWatch Pro 3 GPS
  • TicWatch Pro 3 Cellular/LTE
  • TicWatch E3
  • Fossil Group’s new generation of devices launching later this year will also be eligible to run Wear OS 3.

Mobvoi’s new devices are liable to launch with Wear OS 3; the same applies to Fossil Group’s next-gen devices.

Wrap Up

Wear OS 3 is a combination of Samsung’s Tizen platform and Google’s Wear platform. It’d definitely bring a lot of new stuff and make the “Wear” platform more pleasurable to use.

Google assures that Wear OS 3 would be open to manufacturers, so we’d be seeing many new devices to come with this unified OS. The update rollout for eligible devices is “starting in mid to second half of 2022.” Samsung also planning to use Wear OS 3 in their upcoming Galaxy Watches instead of the Tizen OS. Would you love to check out the new features of this unified OS? Share your thoughts below. It’s really a good one – the best we know.

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