Nothing Earbuds 1 got Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri support Update

After Carl Pei separated from OnePlus, He started a new company called “Nothing.” Since Carl Pei is a trustable person, most leading companies, including Google, invested in that company, Nothing released the first product as “earbuds.” Unlike other companies, Nothing earbuds 1 is entirely different from design. But, It is also lacking in some software support like AI assistant. Now, Nothing Earbuds 1 got Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri support Updates. So, Hereafter you can launch your favorite assistant using your earbuds taps.
Nothing Ear 1 Earbuds App Update

Nothing to ear (1) AI Assistant support is not there

While it’s not the device that many might have imagined, It was nevertheless an impressive start — excellent sound quality, reasonably priced; however, the earphones didn’t communicate with Google Assistant, which seemed to be a strange choice. Fortunately, Google has fixed the issue, which means that the ear (1) receives an important feature that makes it easier to connect to the AI-powered digital assistants.

Nothing Earbuds 1 receives Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri Firmware Update

Nothing Earbuds 1 AI Assistant support update

With the latest firmware update 0.6700.1.86, released in June, the ear (1) owners can now utilize Google Assistant, Alexa, or Siri. Access is as simple with a single tap on either ear. Google Assistant would be available when the device is linked to an Android OS, Siri is available with iPhone or iPad. Alexa will be activated when any compatible tablet or smartphone is connected via earbuds.

The launch of AI Assistants by Nothing Earbuds 1

Based on the users’ feedback, it’s not a user-friendly method to use Google Assistant. Google Assistant when wearing the Nothing ear (1); however, you do have the option of using the AI voice assistant to go beyond just skipping ahead or return to a song that you’ve previously played.

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A few users expressed their displeasure in response to the tweet of Nothing one, saying it was three tappings that added up to too many simultaneous tasks while doing something that requires both hands, such as riding a bicycle.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders
Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders

Other Earbuds versions

When it first launched the clear earbuds in the year 2000, Nothing followed up with a sleek model in black of the ear (1) and teamed up with Qualcomm to prepare for an eventual Nothing phones launch in 2022. For now, for $99, this ear (1) is a good option for anyone looking for affordable noise-canceling earbuds that have extended battery longevity.

Wrap Up

Nothing company is purely getting popular because of Carl Pei. None of the companies can survive long with only the person behind them. They have to prove themself with new technologies and devices. Since OnePlus is going towards regular Chinese brands like Realkme with their UI, There is a space for better UI with specs. When Nothing company can fill the post, They can be another unique company like OnePlus.

It is nice that Nothing finally understands what users need and rollout Assistant support on Nothing Earbuds 1. In the name of uniqueness, They don’t have to do everything differently and stand odd. They have to stick with the user’s need and general availability like Assistants support. What are your thoughts about Nothing company? Did they do their best, or is there some trend missing between users and the company? Share your thoughts below.

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