The new $19.99/mo Spotify Plan will provide HiFi Streaming

Like YouTube is for videos, Spotify has become one of the must-have Music apps on all mobiles. It is not only because they have a vast library. They provide a lot of features exclusive to Music. Unlike other platforms where they put only a few quality musics and copy those files from External sources or first-copy basis, Spotify is planning to provide HiFi Streaming soon. The talks are already going on for months. Now with the survey to users, Spotify asked about the new $19.99/mo Spotify Plan and mentioned HiFi Streaming.
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What is HiFi Audio?

HiFi is a sound technology that reproduces sound precisely as it was recorded. It doesn’t affect sound quality. Stereo is the tech that separates signals to produce distinct sounds. Each device that makes sound has two channels.

HiFi Audio on Spotify

A former Spotify subscriber recently posted screenshots from a survey they were asked to complete on Reddit. The survey asked whether they would join or switch to the service depending on their new plan tiers. Per the survey and the usual options, including individual and accessible, as well as a $19.99 Platinum Tier that will carry over the paid benefits and add HiFi features like Audio Insights and Library Pro. The new plan will also limit ads interrupting Spotify’s original podcasts.

Several versions of the Platinum plan were shown in the survey. One case included audiobooks. Spotify started selling them in September. This theoretical plan increased the price even more.

Platinum Tier

Spotify Platinum Account Survey

Although the Platinum tier is not currently available, it could be purchased for $19.99 per month, according to the survey. The top-tier plan has more perks than the Personal plan—for example, HiFi audio. The program will also include Audio Insights and Headphone Tuner. It will also include Library Pro, Playlist Pro, and Studio Sound. Spotify does not provide details about these additional features, but the $19.99 price tag makes it seem like Spotify has quite a lot to offer.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders
Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders

Spotify HiFi Plans and Promises

As per the past News, Spotify HiFi was first announced in February 2021. The company stated that it would be available by the end of last year. This never happened, and Spotify has been radio silent about the status of Spotify HiFi since then and refuses any significant updates.

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This theory would be supported by the survey’s suggestion of splitting HiFi into a more expensive plan. Amazon Music now offers lossless streaming as part of its standard subscription plan.

Wrap up

The platinum plan may not be suitable for all. Since it has high-quality Audio, Your Output should also have that setup. We may not enjoy the music experience when we have minimal regular Audio Systems. Also, Internet speed and latency will play essential roles in the total quality of Audio. What are your thoughts about the new $19.99/mo Spotify Plan HiFi Streaming? Share your thoughts below.

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