MediaTek Launched its first mmWave 5G Dimensity 1050 Processor

When theoretical data says lots about 5G connection speed, In Reality, there are many challenges to implementing the rate. Since The Infrastructure to achieve the actual 5G speed can’t pass through high distances. Thus, Mobiel companies need to plant mote towers exclusive for 5G. Also, The mmWave technology can only give that much speed. All of the mmWave supporting mobiles cost more than regular 5G mobiles. We know MediaTek processors cost less compared with Qualcomm processors. Now, MediaTek Launched its first mmWave 5G Dimensity 1050 Processor. So, We can expect more affordable mmWave 5g Supporting mobiles in the future.
mmWave 5G Speed on Verizon Network

Processor Production Shortage and MediaTek Success

Processing equipment production and shortages are occurring across the globe due to its effect on the show, with reports that Samsung could seek outside assistance for a vital smartphone launch, and the mid-point of 2022 has proven to be a thrilling time for the Taiwanese company. IDC has reported that It featured Samsung’s systems-on chips in “over 50%” share of the Android market in 2017, and the company claims it will be a repeat of its performance in 2020. In addition, as of today, we’ve got an array of new silicon that spans the middle of the spectrum, and they include the first attempt by the company in millimeter-wave 5G.

MediaTek has launched mmWave 5G supporting Dimensity 1050 Processor

MediaTek has extended its range of mobile chipsets by introducing the Dimensity1050. The most notable feature of this Dimensity 1050 is MediaTek’s first chipset that offers dual mmWave and five-G at sub-6 GHz. However, the rest is one of the lower-spec versions of the Dimensity 1100 processor.

Highlights from the Dimensity 1050 processor

The Dimensity 1050 delivers the fastest and most low-latency connectivity available to the biggest possible audience through smooth 5G sub-6GHz (FR1), and mmWave (FR2) and Wi-Fi 6E integrated into this efficient 6nm-class chip. The perfect choice for those who want to make stunning videos and play more with a speedier display without stressing about the battery’s life.

MediaTek Dimensity 1050 Specifications

Power Efficient

The sophisticated TSMC N6 (6nm-class) manufacturing process ensures that the Dimensity 1050 is exceptionally lightweight, extending battery life even for the most demanding smartphone owners.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders
Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders

Processor Core

Built on a class 6nm process, MediaTek 1050 is equipped with an octa-core configuration, which employs two Arm Cortex A78 performance cores running at 2.5GHz. MediaTek’s press materials don’t include the efficiency cores, but it’s safe to say that the chip is equipped with Arm Cortex-A55 cores. The Arm Mali G610 is in charge of graphics rendering and gaming, and MediaTek’s HyperEngine 5.0 suite offers additional tools and features to optimize for improved gaming performance.

Display Support

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G Refresh Rate control screen

The chip supports Full HD+ displays with up to 144Hz refresh rate. Additionally, it supports hardware-accelerated AV1 video decoding HDR10+ playback, and Dolby Vision is also available on the board.

Support for both mmWave and Sub-Band 5Gs

The MediaTek Dimensity 1050 is the company’s first processor to provide seamless connectivity between sub-6GHz 5G and mmWave. So, OEMs don’t need to choose between sub-6GHs or mmWave; they’ll have two of the most powerful by using the Dimensity 1050.

The chipset also supports 3CC carrier aggregation in the sub-6GHz (FR1) spectrum and 4CC carrier aggregation in the mmWave (FR2) spectrum, which delivers as much as 53% more download speeds than LTE + mmWave aggregate. The MediaTek 1050 has Wi-Fi 6E and 2×2 MIMO antennas that provide ultrafast Wi-Fi connectivity.

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Wi-Fi 6E support

Wi-Fi 6E is a new standard that offers tri-band (2.4GHz, 5GHz, 6GHz, and 2.4GHz) connectivity. This gives users a faster, more efficient local connection to networks. The Wi-Fi 6E (2×2 MIMO) is integrated inside the chip, providing the Dimensity 1050 with superior performance in power compared to other platforms that use External Wi-Fi Chip solutions.

Wrap Up

The World is changing towards Brand popularity to specifications and quality. If you have been using a PC for years, you may know that people are also slowly moving from Intel to AMD. The same is happening in the mobile industry also. Mobiel companies have begun to adopt MediaTek for their mid-range and entry-level mobiles category.

Even though 5G is moving into mid-range mobiles and has become affordable, the mmWave 5G mobiles are still only available above the $500 range other than Moto G Stylus 5G on Verizon for $400. With the new Dimensity 1050, MediaTek will surely get huge sales. Because now, the mmWave has a complicated setup. But the Dimensity 1050 can support both mmWave and Sub 5Gs. What are your thoughts about Dimensity 1050? Share it below.

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