Realme will be the first one to use MediaTek 6nm Dimensity 1200 processor

If you are a frequent Xiaomi user, You may know that Xioami will be the first to try most Snapdragon processors. The alternative for Snapdragon is MediaTek processors. Realme begin to utilize MediaTek in recent days. MediaTek recently announced a 6nm Dimensity 1200 processor. It comes with 5G connectivity. Realme will be the first one to use MediaTek 6nm Dimensity 1200 processor. We can expect the processor in the upcoming flagship Realme mobiles. Compare with previous Dimensity processors, 1200 processors is a massive upgrade in every aspect. MediaTek growing drastically after they introduced affordable 5G processors.
Realme X2 Pro Unlocked Home Screen

MediaTek, the Taiwanese chipmaker company, launched two new 5G-enabled smartphone chipsets, Dimensity 1100 and Dimensity 1200, as a sequel to last year launched Dimensity 1000. Both these chipsets are based on the updated 6nm process. After this launch by MediaTek, Realme announced that it would be the first brand to power its flagship mobiles with Dimensity 1200 in 2021.

Specifications of MediaTek Dimensity 1200

According to MediaTek, Dimensity 1200 is the faster ever chipset to power the faster smartphone CPU with increased performance and decreased power consumption. Let us take a look at the specifications of this newly introduced fastest ever chipset.

MediaTek 6nm Dimensity 1200 processor

Upgraded Architecture

The MediaTek used the TSMC’s 6nm manufacturing process, which is a big boost than its predecessor Dimensity 1000 with a 7 nm process node. It will boost both the performance up to 22% and use less power up to 25%. It means the upcoming phones will give you more standby and talk time with Dimensity 1200 chipset.

Improved Clock Speed

Dimensity 1200 is a system on circuit (SoC) chipset with Octa-core technology. Out of eight, one Ultra core is ARM Cortex-A78 that clocks up to 3 GHz with 2X L2 cache. The other three Super Cores are ARM Cortex-A78 clocks up to 2.6 GHz, and the fourth efficiency core is Arm Cortex-A55 that clocks at up to 2GHz. These cores improve the performance up to 20% than its predecessors. From the graphics end, it uses Arm Mali-G77 MC9 and supports up to 16GB LDDR4x memory.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders
Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders

5G Connectivity

The Dimensity 1200, like its predecessor, has a built-in 5G modem for super fast and reliable network connectivity. To tackle the high-power constraints of 5G, it has the company’s special UltraSave tech. Also, the Dimensity supports dynamic spectrum sharing (DSS), time division duplex (TDD), 2CC carrier aggregation across frequency division duplex (FDD), and 5G(sub-6GHz, 5G+5G Dual-SIM).

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Camera Features

The Dimensity 1200 supports up to 200 MP for a single camera providing you with a five-core HDR-ISP (Image Signal Processor) with 4K HDR video support. And it supports 32MP and 16MP for dual camera setup. Altogether with AI support, you will get AI-Panorama Night Shot, Multi-Person Bokeh, noise reduction, and HDR camera features. Based on Camera MP only, we can’t decide it is better. The better photos need lots of optimization at the software level.

Display and Video

Realme V5 Android 10 Display Refresh Rate

Dimensity supports QHD at a 90Hz refresh rate, whereas for FHD+, it supports up to 168Hz screen refresh rate giving you seamless scrolling. For video encoding, it supports H.264, H.265 / HEVC codecs. For playback, it supports H.264, H.265 / HEVC, VP-9, AV1 codecs.

Realme Mobiles Adoption

According to MediaTek, Realme, OPPO, Vivo, and Xiaomi are interested in using this chipset in their phones by the first quarter of 2021.  Among these OEMs, Realme confirmed that it would be using the Dimensity 1200 to power its devices.

As per the leak by GSMArena, Realme X9 Pro will be the first mobile phone equipped with Dimensity 1200. It will come with a 108MP camera.

Wrap Up

The Taiwanese chipmaker giant MediaTek focused on mid-range smartphones; they focused not only on mid-range 5g processors, and last year it launched the Dimensity 1000, the first 5G chipset at low prices. With its strategy, MediaTek captured the market top position in Q3 2020, leading the chip leader Qualcomm®. However, Qualcomm® didn’t lose the top position for 5G phone sales. Now MediaTek’s newly launch chipset Dimensity 1200 is a big threat for Qualcomm® 5G leadership in the market. Realme is also famous for its budget-friendly phones, so the combination of Realme with Dimensity 1200 will beat the Qualcomm® in the 5G phone field. Do tell us your views in the comments below about the MediaTek Dimensity 1200 chipset.

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