Google Pixel 7a will come with a 90Hz Display and Wireless Charging

After Google got a vast user base after they released Pixel 3a, They realized cost is a significant factor in deciding the sale of products. Everybody loves products from Google. But compared with the already available mobiles in the market, Google products are always costly compared with other mobiles in the market. So, when they cut down the cost, the sales of Google Pixel 3a surpasses OnePlus in that quarter. After the successful sales, Google kept releasing affordable “a” series every year. Now in 2022, Google is going to release the Pixel 7a. As per the leaked details, the Google Pixel 7a will come with a 90Hz Display and Wireless Charging.
Google Pixel 7a Renders

Google Pixel 7a will come with a 90Hz Display and Wireless Charging

The codename “lynx” is currently being used to develop the Pixel 7a. We first reported about it back in September. Kuba Wojciechowski has previously been known to provide accurate and timely information. The upcoming Google Pixel 7a will feature a 90Hz display, wireless charging capabilities, and a brand-new rear camera.

Google Pixel 7a Leaked Refresh Rate and Charging

Camera Specs

Here’s another hint for you (the Walrus is Paul), the original 50MP Samsung GN1 sensor, initially discovered by the developer of the camera setup device codenamed Lynx (most likely the Pixel 7a), has been removed. Wojciechowski noted that he had to dig deep into the drivers of the camera cameras and discovered that the Lynx’s camera setup is “Pixel 22 mid-range”. In contrast, the Pixel 7/Pro’s camera setup is “Pixel 22 premium”. Kuba believes the 50MP sensor was used during testing to verify the two new sensors on mid-ranger.

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The Lynx’s two image sensors are now “l10_wide” and “l10_UW”, respectively (IMX787). This means the Pixel 7a will feature a dual array of cameras on the back, including a comprehensive and ultra-wide camera. Wojciechowski points out that there is not a telephoto lens on the list. Wojciechowski adds that the “IMX787” is a significant upgrade to the IMX363 and should make 7a a better choice for a quality camera in the mid-range.

Other leaked Specs

He claims that the 1080p panel, which will feature a 90Hz refresh rate, will be sourced directly from Samsung. The Pixel 6a has a 60Hz refresh speed. The WCN6740 Qualcomm Wi-Fi Bluetooth Chip will be available for the Lynx, which is likely to be the Pixel 7a. Although we would prefer the Tensor to use Qualcomm’s 5G modem (which is another story), it will.

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Pricing and Availability

The Pixel 6a was launched in July, and the Pixel 7a will not be revealed until next year. Google may have an attractive mid-range handset if it offers the Pixel 7a for a price below $450.

Wrap Up

Even though the “a” series are from Google, Since they cut down the cost, they have to make some compromises in this lineup. It starts from the processor. But after the Google Pixel 6a, They use the same flagship-level processor. But cut down other features like 90Hz Refresh rate and Wireless charging. As per the latest leaks, Google also provides those flagship-level features in the mid-range category. What are your thoughts about the upcoming Google Pixel 7a? Share it below.

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