OnePlus Z Price and Specs will help OnePlus to attract People again

The main reason OnePlus reached most of the people in the world is because of its price range with the same specs that other manufacturers sell high. OnePlus till now only focused on Flagship mobiles. After 5G technology, the processor price is not in the range of budget-friendly flagship mobiles. Recently in a survey, the confirmed OnePlus Z specs and price range are leaked. Looking at those specs and price ranges, OnePlus can again attract users who realize spending $1000 in mobiles doesn’t make sense most of the time. Every mobile manufacturer knows the issue of above $1000 price range mobiles. So, they released lite versions that have mid-range processors and Flagship level specs. Samsung released S10 and Note 10 lite versions. Google keeps releasing “a” variant.
OnePlus Z Prototype Retail Box

The company that said they are budget-friendly should make a move. So, OnePlus is working on OnePlus Z- The budget-friendly upper mid-range mobile. Companies that always made budget-friendly phones are beginning to use Mid-range processors in their mobile to cut the cost. The processor can support 5G. So, there is no compromise in the essential network feature. When comparing with OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 8, We can see a considerable price difference because of High refresh rate displays and 5G processors. It makes sense. But OnePlus is not budget-friendly Flagship manufacturers anymore. Their sales figure will tell what is going on. They reached the global market. But they lose users who prefer budget mobiles.

OnePlus Z confirmed Specs.

Until now, the specs and Price of OnePlus Z are in the rumored category. The survey confirmed most of the specs and the price range.

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OnePlus Z Confirmed Specs and Price

  • OnePlus Z will come with 6.55-inch AMOLED Center hole-punch display with 2400 x 1080 pixes and 90Hz Refresh rate.
  • Regarding power, It comes with 4300 mAh battery capacity and no wireless charging. It will support 30W fast charging.
  • No IP rating. It can be splash-proof.

Why will OnePlus Z Price make a significant impact on sales?

OnePlus is going to score a goal without heavy competition. All Lite versions of the manufacturers are not right in the price range in India. Google Pixel 3a, Samsung S10 Lite, and Note 10 lite fall on the price range of Rs 35,000 to 45,000. OnePlus Z starts from Rs 24,990. OnePlus already have a loyal customer base. So, Mosty of them suggests to their friend when they ask a mobile in this price range. Companies may spend millions of cash in the Advertisement. People always buy what other trusted people suggest.

You may think about how about the Xiaomi budget mobiles. People who are ready spend above Rs 20K. Most of the time, they prefer Samsung or equivalent companies. So, OnePlus already have reputed value. So, when they hit in this range, They can make huge sales. Also, 5G will begin to come to India in 2021. People will surely pick this mobile because it ticks all the need boxes with a 5G network. In other countries, the price may vary. Oneplus mobile price is always low in India compare with the US and UK. In other countries also it will make an impact. The equivalent competitors in the $300-400 price range competition now are iPhone SE2 and Google Pixel 4a.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders
Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders

Wrap Up

OnePlus gained users because of its budget flagship strategy. But now they are not budget-friendly. Even if they provide low price compare with other manufacturers, People doesn’t consider the fact. So, The OnePlus Z series is a great move. They will gain more audience with this mobile. Also, It makes perfect price/specs value. Oxygen OS is way better than any other custom mobile manufacturer OS. It is near Stock Android with great customized options. 5G, Great camera setup, Better display, Enough battery with fast charge, and the price range is 25K. OnePlus wants to hug people again..:) What are your thoughts about the OnePlus Z move? Will you buy it if you planned to buy a mobile in the 25K ($330) range? Comment below.

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