Netflix opened Cloud Games Studio, and 55 Games are already in Development

Even though Netflix has a vast video content library, Like other Streaming companies, They have to provide additional benefits to keep users in the network. Since Google Stadia is shut down, There is an opportunity in this sector which already has a vast user base. Currently, Nvidia GeForce Now is doing a great job in Cloud Gaming. Other companies like Amazon Luna are in their early stages. Now, Netflix has opened Cloud Games Studio, and 55 Games are already in Development. We see how Netflix will move this Gaming platform in the future.
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Netflix Cloud Gaming Studio

The company announced that it is looking into cloud gaming and opening a new studio. At the TechCrunch disrupt, Nike Verdu (VP of Gaming at Netflix) stated that they were “seriously considering” offering a cloud gaming platform. Although most companies offer this service as a standalone product, Netflix would offer it as part of its current subscription service. Verdu described it as a “value-add.”

Cloud Gaming Platform: Why?

Netflix Games Three Kingdoms

Netflix’s strategy is to make its subscribers feel they have more reasons to stay. “And we’re seeing some encouraging signals of gameplay leading to higher retention,” the company stated in a letter. Netflix noted that gaming is a long-term endeavor, indicating that it will continue to invest in the platform for the long term. Recent data suggests that less than 1% of subscribers use Netflix’s games daily. Netflix does not say whether the games are being developed specifically for mobile. This could indicate that the company will release new titles not limited to smartphones.

Current Cloud Game Market Situation

Amazon and other competitors have also begun to dabble. It currently offers Luna its game streaming service. Google recently announced that it would close its service due to its inability to attract subscribers. This space isn’t accessible, and Netflix must be cautious if it wants to engage.

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Netflix is turning to a Positive Side.

Netflix reported Tuesday that it had added 2.4 million subscribers to its third-quarter earnings. This was a significant improvement from earlier in the Year when Netflix said it had lost its subscribers for the first time in over ten years. The company plans to clamp down on password sharing beginning in the New Year. In November, it will also be launching a less expensive ad-supported plan.

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Wrap Up

Compared with any other Streaming platform, Amazon provides plenty of benefits within the Prime package. For Year You spend only $139/Year, and you will get Free Amazon delivery on Prime products, Amazon Music, Prime Video, and more. So, To make users stay on the platform, they should provide huge valuable content or lower price. That’s why Netflix introduced an Ad-Supported plan for less cost. Still, Netflix games are similar to Onlinegames and are not matched with the Stadia level games. But If Netflix provides more Top-Tier games, people affected by the Stadia shutdown may move to the Netflix platform. What are your thoughts about Netflix Games Studio? Share your thoughts below.

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