Bill Gates uses Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 because of its Portable PC Experience

When you represent andy Brands, you should be careful; It will directly affect the products. MKBHD often shares the screenshots of Android Mobile Ambassadors’ tweets, sharing their tweet using an iPhone. Followers even call him Twitter Police. It may look like not a big deal from the outside. But, When people see they Advertise other mobile but use iPhones, Their Trust in the brand will degrade. The Same happened recently with Bill Gates Ask Me Anything Season on Reddit. Bill Gates said he uses Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 because of its Portable PC Experience.
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 PC Like Experience

Bill Gates and Reddit Ask Me Anything Season

In response to some of the Reddit questions on the AMA post, Bill Gates finally confirmed his phone. A Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3. It’s no surprise that Gates utilizes his Android device since it has been mentioned before, going as much as 2017 when he said he was using Android.

Why did Bill Gates use Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3?

“I own an Android Galaxy Z Fold 3. I have tried different models. This screen lets me be able to live with a mobile PC and phone alone,” he said in answer to a question regarding his phone.

Bill Gates uses Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Reddit

What makes Bill Gates’s response a Big Deal?

Interestingly, Bill Gates doesn’t appear to use his Microsoft Surface Duo to satisfy his Android OS needs. However, Microsoft’s Surface Duo has a hinge but doesn’t have a foldable display and isn’t as thrilling or as tech-savvy as Samsung’s top folding phone.

Microsoft Surface Duo Open Position

It’s fascinating to observe Gates carrying the Galaxy Z Fold 3 instead of Microsoft’s Surface Duo 2; however, Samsung and Microsoft have a long-running partnership in the mobile market. One example is that Galaxy phones have always offered various pre-installed Microsoft applications. Additionally, your Phone service enables the connection with Windows and Android. It includes multiple features exclusive to Galaxy handsets (e.g., the ability to transfer content and phone screen functions).

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What’s so unique is the unique Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3?

Thanks to the Link to Windows feature, Samsung Galaxy devices are the ideal choice for Windows OS users. It permits Windows PC owners to use Android applications on their PCs to browse Gallery content and more.

For Galaxy Z Fold 3, Galaxy Z Fold 3 it’s probably the best smartphone that folds when you look past the price, something that can be done by Mr. Gates certainly can since he’s one of the wealthiest people around the globe.

Z Fold 3 offers high-end hardware, fantastic software, One UI feature designed for the foldable form factor, and a stunning 7.6-inch Foldable Dynamic AMOLED2X display with a refresh speed of 120 Hz. Let’s not forget about Flexible Mode — a feature exclusive to Samsung smartphones that fold.

Wrap Up

Even though it creates some controversy among users, Some Redditors defend Bill Gates about his usage that he is already out from Microsoft Decisions directly. So, He can use any device, and it doesn’t need to compete with the Management level policies. Also, Some Redditors appreciate Bill Gates for his factual statements instead of fancy color coating Advertisements for Microsoft Surface Duo. He can lie about the phone he uses. But He talks only about the truth. What are your thoughts about Bill Gates using Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3? Share your thoughts below.

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