Xiaomi launched Smart Speaker with LED Clock and IR Blaster for $60

Even though Google has the best Assistant accessories, Since the marketing is not good like US regions, Other companies dominate those countries’ sales. When it comes to affordable devices, No one can beat Xioami. The products start from mobile chargers to high-end laptops, including mobiles. On the parallel side, Xiaomi is releasing Smart Hoem devices too. Xiaomi launched Smart Speaker with LED Clock and IR Blaster for $60. The features not only end with this, It slowly continues with Audio Chromecast built-in, Multiple voice recognition.
Xiaomi Smart Speaker in the Hall

Xiaomi launched Smart Speaker with LED Clock and IR Blaster.

Xiaomi India’s eighth anniversary is coming up, perfectly timed to coincide with the celebration; They will launch a brand new smart speaker in the region, The Xiaomi Smart Speaker with IR Control. It’s here to offer some of the top speakers on the market tough challenges.

Xiaomi IR Blasters


Likely it is true that Google Assistant is an excellent tool for users. One of the most significant characteristics of this gadget is the quadruple IR sensors that allow it to control devices using a voice that isn’t supported by intelligent technology. This feature can come in handy for those who have damaged or lost TVs, AC remotes, or mobility problems. Google Assistant software is also integrated to handle questions or create schedules. The 1.5-inch full-range speaker, as well as two microphones, provide wake-up assistance. A light activated by voice lets the user know that the speaker is ready to respond to orders.

Audio Features

Xiaomi Audio Chromecast Built-In feature

Because of Chromecast support, users can now stream media from devices that support it using Bluetooth connectivity. It can be connected to multiple speakers throughout one’s room or home for synchronized music streaming. Xiaomi confirms that it is possible to connect two models of this speaker to create a stereo sound experience. Last but not least is the LED-lit clock that adjusts to the brightness of your room and has a Do Not Disturb feature that dims the lights when necessary.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders
Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders

Smart Speaker Restrictions

  • Google Assistant is not available in some countries and languages.
  • The actual IR Control range for IR is about 10 meters in areas that are easily accessible.
  • Only devices that are compatible with the infrared controls on the Xiaomi Smart Speaker (IR Control).
  • The Infrared (IR) remotes devices and brands compatible with it. It can change from time to time, depending on our business developments.
  • The stereo playback feature is typically utilized for playing music. Suppose two devices are connected to play stereo audio and connected using Bluetooth to stream video. The audio and images could be out of sync due to the network or device.
  • We can control only devices compatible with Mi Home/Xiaomi Home APP with voice using Xiaomi Smart Speaker (IR Control).
  • For multi-room control using Xiaomi Smart Speaker (IR Control), ensure you have connected your device to the Wi-Fi network or connected with the identical Google account. Visit support.google.com to find the list of compatible devices.
  • It requires signing in using a Google account to be able to use Google Duo.
  • With Chromecast integrated into Xiaomi Smart Speaker (IR Control), You can stream content using Chromecast built-in applications.
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Its Xiaomi Smart Speaker IR Control is available on the company’s official website at $75. It was, however, offered for sale for only $60 at the time of its launch. If you’re interested in it, head over to see if models are available in your local area.

Wrap Up

You can use any costly and quality elements in Smart Home accessories. But the purpose of Smart Home devices should be to make daily life easier. All the Remote control apps on our mobile can turn off the machines. But none of the Apps or Devices can turn on the devices. With the help of new IR blasters in the Xiaomi Smart Speaker, We can do all kinds of controlling other Smart Home devices. Also, The price is not high. It goes the same as Google Nest Speakers and provides additional features. What are your thoughts about Xiaomi Smart Speaker? Share it below.

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